1. alfred442's Avatar
    Yesterday my 32gb micro sd card on my Blackberry Classic suddenly stopped saving pictures. It won't save or delete files, it says "input/output error". But all of my files are still intact. I can access all my pictures, videos and mp3s.

    And also my computer detects my 32gb card. I tried to format using my classic and my computer, also tried the chkdsk feature on my pc. But still the same error message. Is there anyway to repair my sd card? My card is 8 months old. This is the first time it acted this way.

    Whiteberry Classic SQC100-1/
    12-11-16 08:50 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    i think it's your OS. sounds like it need to be reloaded.
    12-11-16 09:59 AM

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