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    I have had a BlackBerry device ever since a well meaning friend purchased me a brand new Storm 2 on release day thinking I would prefer it over the Bold. At the time I was using an iPhone and had recently started my own business, I was getting smashed with emails everyday and needed something with a physical keyboard. I am 25 years old and I have grown up with touch-screens, but anybody who claims a touch-screen is as quick or accurate than a device with a physical keyboard is in denial. I ditched the Storm 2 shortly after receiving it and purchased the Bold 9900, the Bold was by far my most favourite device - it had style and character which no other mobile device had. As time went on more and more people would comment on the Bold whenever it came out of my pocket, many would ask 'Why do you still have a BlackBerry?' and I would confidently in one word respond with 'keyboard'. I would often hear 'But what about apps?' and I would simply ask 'How many of the millions of apps on your iDevice do you really use?'.

    After two years of BlackBerry Bold Bliss my telco contract expired and I decided to replace my ageing Bold 9900 with the best device that was currently on the market, another Bold 9900. I was surprised at the reactions I got from my friends and co-workers when I told them I had signed up for another 2 years with a device that was beginning to look quite dated, again though it was a topic of conversation that I enjoyed and although I never converted any of my Apple or Android friends to BlackBerry, they always understood.

    I waited in anticipation for the release of the Q-10 which I was almost certain I would purchase. When I first saw the device at the shop I was trying so hard to like the device but I just could not understand why they had gotten rid of the track pad and function keys - this entire row which I had grown to rely on was now missing and the main reason I had for owning a BlackBerry had literally been cut in half. I did not expect BlackBerry to release any other phones that had the function keys or track-pad and I ventured over to the dark side and purchased a HTC One.

    I took the HTC One with me for a month long overseas trip and whilst I absolutely loved the camera and inbuilt video functions I simply missed the physical keyboard and on my return home I dusted off my Bold and began using it again. The HTC One was given to a friend.

    One month ago I took my Bold out of my pocket and the screen would not come on, I put it on the charger and nothing happened. I spent nearly three hours trying everything I could to get my Bold working again but it became clear to me that after nearly four years of continual daily service, my Bold 9900 had gone to BlackBerry heaven. RIP.

    On my way to the Telstra shop I was explaining to my fiancee that my 'ideal phone' would be a Bold but with a bigger screen and updated specs. I had no idea that BlackBerry had released any new handsets since the Q-10. I walked into the shop and saw the only BlackBerry device for sale, the only phone with a physical keyboard amongst 10+ others that all looked nearly identical, the only phone that looked like it belonged in the pocket of my suit rather than the hands of a 12 year old girl 'rockin tunes'. As I picked it up and felt the weight of the phone, felt the textured back, typed a sample message on the soft but reassuring keyboard - I knew straight away that this was the phone for me. The salesman told me about the Passport with its upgraded specs and told me that it was the best of both worlds. I asked him if it had the same keyboard and he said that it did, I asked to see a picture (there were none in stock) and when I saw it was missing the navigation buttons I paid the $509AUD and walked out with my new phone.

    First impressions when I unboxed the device was just how solid the Classic felt in my hands. The weight and size of the phone are perfect, the textured background is not just an aesthetic gimmick - it stops the phone from sliding around and feels comfortable. I was happy to discover that the Classic was all one piece (no removable battery) because for me it adds another layer of solidity. The insertion of my sim and memory cards were easy and the trays retracted back without any misalignments.

    The setup assistant was for the first time on any device I have purchased useful and easy. I was able to set up all of my accounts (BlackBerry ID, email, facebook, twitter, linked-in) in a matter of 5 minutes.

    The screen is incredible with all text and background images bright and clear. The default font and text size are pleasing to read and I haven't changed any of the original settings except to add a background and lock screen picture as well as selecting alert tones and the colour of the LED.

    The Classic came pre-installed with everything that I needed and I was pleased to see that Office to Go is still a default app. The only app I decided to install was the Crackberry app.

    I have found BlackBerry10 to be very, very simple to use and also quick and powerful. I had heard about the BlackBerry Hub when I originally researched the Q-10 and to be honest didn't really think I would like it. I normally like to be able to keep texts, emails, call notifications and such separate from annoying facebook and twitter notifications. The BlackBerry Hub customisation settings enabled me to do just that and it is now second nature to swipe right and check to see if there is anything important that I've missed or need to respond to. The BlackBerry Hub is the first program to merge all messages / notifications together that has just worked and felt natural.

    BlackBerry 10 and the tool band (top panel) of the physical keyboard work very well together and I find myself using the 'end call' key to close unused apps and the 'back' key to exit out of what I am doing to multi-task. I have actually found that I am using the touch screen on the Classic less than I did on the Bold. The only time I use it is to swipe down to access settings (which is never). I can understand how a user who has come across from a touch screen only BB10 device might not agree but for me it feels like BB10 was designed with the tool belt buttons in mind - they work together seamlessly.

    I have read with concern the forum posts citing issues with the Classic such as double typing, mushed keys, back light bleeding and other quality control issues and this is why I delayed my review for a month to really test out my handset. I have purposely used my Classic to type long emails that I would have used my computer for in order to really give everything a good workout and all I can say is that this handset is perfect.

    All of the keys on my keyboard feel soft but firm, they press with the familiar clicking sound of the Bold 9900, the sim and memory card trays align fully with the rest of the phone, the back light behind the keyboard is bright and even across both sides. I have not had one instance of double typing. The tool belt keys are also firm and fully in place, there are no creaking noises and the track pad is accurate and the button itself perfect.

    For the purpose of this review I pulled out my old Bold which has been sitting in my drawer and I began typing on the keyboard after using the Classic exclusively for a month. The keyboard on the Bold 9900 feels stiff and is notably smaller and harder than that of the Classic, I tried to type as quickly as I could but after using the Classic I kept hitting the wrong keys and noticed that on the Bold I was much more prone to hitting the key next to the one I originally intended. I prefer in every way the bigger, softer keyboard of the Classic.

    The battery on the Bold would last one day, the battery on my Classic lasts just over one day. The bigger screen and faster OS do not impact battery performance. With extremely heavy use (3.5 hrs call + surfing Internet + 100+ emails & messages) I have yet to see the indicator fall below 10% before I return home at 10pm after being out since 9am.

    In summary the BlackBerry Classic is everything I was hoping it would be. The Classic has all of the features that I loved on the Bold but has a much bigger and clearer screen, bigger and better keyboard and I really love everything about BB10. I enjoy using my Classic to type on and haven't experienced any quality control issues at all, I wonder if this is due to the fact I purchased it in Australia and was of course, delayed (like all other devices).

    If you are currently using a Bold 9900 and want to upgrade, the Classic is the best thing you can get!

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    03-29-15 11:38 PM
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    Great read, and this comes as a first post? Wow! Thanks and welcome.
    03-29-15 11:50 PM
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    Great post. Thanks for your insight. I am using the Q10 and look forward to upgrading to the Classic on Verizon.

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    03-30-15 12:14 AM
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    Thanks for your insight on the Classic. Very well written and straight forward.

    Enjoy your Classic. I can't wait to get mine.

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    03-30-15 12:30 AM
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    Absolutely hoot to use!!!

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    03-30-15 12:47 AM
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    Smells like someone with vested interest. Not ONE negative comment, come on. Coming from a 9900 everyone has at least one gripe moving to bb10.
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    03-30-15 06:18 AM
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    Great review. I also was in love with my Bold 9900 and wanted the same form factor with upgraded specs and processor and my Classic fits the bill. I have owned the Z10 for about 18 months and got tired of the touchscreen keyboard even tho the keyboard on the Z10 was quite good. I owned the Q10 but it felt more Curve-like to me. I jumped at the chance of owning the Classic when it came out. Have had it since January 2015 and am loving it. No complaints.

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    03-30-15 07:22 AM
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    I honestly have no issues coming across from the Bold 9900 - The Classic, in my opinion, is superior in every way possible. I now feel pressured to manufacture a problem to give my review credibility - that's just not going to happen, my device is perfect with no issues whatsoever for the calls, emails, messages and Web browsing that I use it for. I seriously cannot fault this phone, if problems develop in the future, I will add them to this review. At present - there are none.

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    03-30-15 07:26 AM
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    Great review; I enjoyed reading it.

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    03-30-15 08:20 AM
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    Excellent review, I think if bbry had not been in such a reactionary mode to all-touch and released the classic instead of the Q10 they would have been in much better shape. However as it was BB10OS was not really ready when they launched so who knows.

    Since 10.3, this has become a pretty rock solid platform. There are still a few issues to work out and optimize but it seems superior to ios and android in almost every way.

    The one place for bbry I worry about for the platform is software, ultimately integration like google now is getting integrated into the pim and contacts and calendaring are going to take a quantum leap over where bbry is today. Can we achieve that level of functionality? The "super apps" that Mike L promised in the Playbook days have yet to materialize and that will ultimately put bbry at a disadvantage.

    For now, we have amazing choices in the classic, passport, and Z30 with a few interesting devices on the horizon.

    Thanks for your detailed review.

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    03-30-15 08:59 AM
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    Great post. Thanks for your insight. I am using the Q10 and look forward to upgrading to the Classic on Verizon.

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    You'll enjoy it I came from a Q10 and the transition to Classic has been seamless.
    03-30-15 09:25 AM
  12. davisgq's Avatar
    Also, great, positive review OP
    03-30-15 09:26 AM
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    your review indeed has got me to put on my thinking cap once again. one minute I'm contemplating as to either upgrade to the passport or the classic. Been a Q5 user since late last year and i have come to appreciate blackberry 10 for it uniqueness and intuitiveness though there are some very minor features I'm expecting to see with future updates. if the classic comes my way then fine, i wouldn't refuse that offer. if it turns out to be the Almighty passport then its game on.
    03-30-15 09:51 AM
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    Physical keyboard is the most important feature that distinguished from other smart phones.

    No innovated physical keyboard there, for example, touch physical keyboard, something likes Apple new force touch track pad. Don't need to press too much and also we could use gestures on the surface of keyboard.

    Device is too heavy. It really made my wrist and fingers tired after a few minutes typing on Classic.

    Native apps lack economical design, wasting too much space of screen. Actually the 3.5 inch screen was not a bad decision.

    Fancy devices gain more consumers and developers. It was not a wise strategy to try to be compatible with android apps. Productivity need no much apps but the best ones.

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    03-30-15 10:27 AM
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    Thanks for taking the time to write your review, it was a pleasure to read and had some good insights.

    I too enjoyed my 9900 and your review made me excited to get my Classic!

    1 Month BlackBerry Classic Review (From Bold 9900)-07820411-photo-blackberry-classic-contre-blackberry-bold.jpg

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    Attached Thumbnails 1 Month BlackBerry Classic Review (From Bold 9900)-classic-hand2.jpg   1 Month BlackBerry Classic Review (From Bold 9900)-img_1478.jpg  
    03-30-15 10:38 AM
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    Nice review. I have been a loyal 9900 user and just could not justify the price for the new classic. I decided to excite things a bit a grab a 9790 instead for the foreseeable future and wait a year or so until I get sick of bbos7 and am forced to finally upgrade to bbos10.
    03-30-15 02:36 PM
  17. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    welcome to Crackberry bbinoz!

    Great post! enjoy your classic!
    03-30-15 06:12 PM
  18. bbinoz's Avatar
    Physical keyboard is the most important feature that distinguished from other smart phones.

    No innovated physical keyboard there, for example, touch physical keyboard, something likes Apple new force touch track pad. Don't need to press too much and also we could use gestures on the surface of keyboard.

    Device is too heavy. It really made my wrist and fingers tired after a few minutes typing on Classic.

    Native apps lack economical design, wasting too much space of screen. Actually the 3.5 inch screen was not a bad decision.

    Fancy devices gain more consumers and developers. It was not a wise strategy to try to be compatible with android apps. Productivity need no much apps but the best ones.

    Posted via CB10
    I don't understand how you can state that the physical keyboard on the Classic is the most important feature and that which distinguishes it from other devices but then claim BlackBerry have failed to innovate it.

    The keyboard on my Classic is larger and softer than on the Bold 9900, it is in my opinion much easier and nicer to use. If BlackBerry had instead opted for a 'touch' keyboard that requires to physical press down and makes no sound then I quite frankly wouldn't have purchased or even considered the device. BlackBerry made an attempt at innovation on the keyboard of the Q-10 by eliminating the tool band and the consumers did not warm to it even though BB10 does not require it and the removal of the band added screen real estate.

    I am not such a die-hard BlackBerry supporter to deny that terrible mistakes have been made which have resulted in a seemingly permanent loss of reputation and market share but on the list of screw ups I don't understand how you could state 'Failure to innovate keyboard on BlackBerry Classic'.

    It doesn't really matter how many different people or different ways of saying that the Classic wasn't about innovation, high specs or new features - it was taking what was about copying what was great (Bold 9900).

    In 10 years the combined invention and innovation of mobile devices has raced to meet the needs of the user. My first phone had room for 9 contacts, after that it was a whopping 99 then 200 and 1000. Now any mobile phone can store as many contacts as anyone would possibly need. Internet on phones was for many years almost unusable - now when a website doesn't display properly on my iPad I go onto my Classic. Email is now instant and text messages aren't limited to 160 characters (well they are but not on the device). Phone calls are in HD and video calling is always an option but seldom used.

    My mobile phone has always been for calls and texts. I then began to use it for email and then Web surfing. Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In followed. In the middle somewhere I was able to create and edit Microsoft Office documents. This steady increase in usage happened as manufacturers and telcos began adapting to the needs and wants of consumers. On occasion somebody would come out with a product that although was feature rich and innovative, didn't serve any real purpose or need.

    The move from making calls on a phone that could fit in your pocket to having a smart-phone which could send emails and surf the Web was huge and many different offerings became available. My point is - the mobile phone has now completely met the needs of the user and realistically it has so for around 3 years. There was a time when hardware performance directly affected the ability to send an email whilst surfing the internet simultaneously. Cameras were great but memory was always an ongoing issue - with Dropbox and SkyDrive etc. that is no longer the case. Software too often meant the difference between having calls dropping out when switching from 2G to 3G but not anymore.

    For the last three years, perhaps longer, any person could select any smart-phone and make a call, send a text, send an email and surf the internet without experiencing any difficulties. The mission of smart-phones to meet the needs of busy professionals was accomplished years ago and the BlackBerry Classic is a testament to that.

    Performance, Software, Memory, Battery Life, Coverage, Data Speeds, Camera Quality, Screen Resolution etc. have all taken a back-seat and now it is about which device feels better in your hand and types quickly. Mobile phone reviews generally consist of using apps that are designed to come up with a number based on how many numbers are on the end of the spec sheet - the actual usability and function of the device, whilst still important, is not what sets devices apart anymore.

    For my needs and the needs of pretty much any other business user - any smartphone will do the job with ease, reliability and no restrictions. I just wanted one that would look nice and feel comfortable.

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    03-30-15 11:02 PM
  19. Jesse Honig's Avatar
    Thanks for the review.

    Any issues with the classic getting really hot? This is an issue with the Q10. I tried one in the store and it was very hot. They said it was because it was being charged all day. But the other phones were also getting charged and weren't as hot.

    Also, the double typing issue has become pretty bad with the Q10. Still no issue for you?
    03-31-15 12:03 PM
  20. TinMan555's Avatar
    Apart from all problems that could be perceived as ' personal opinions' there is absolutely no disputing the phone is as slow as a wet week!!!

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    03-31-15 07:03 PM
  21. NikoB82's Avatar
    My classic runs very smooth and I have not experienced the problems mentioned in this thread

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    03-31-15 07:43 PM
  22. extisis's Avatar
    since you're giving out phones and everything...
    03-31-15 10:12 PM

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