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    Has anyone else had this problem with thier Sprint Bold 9930, when I click on the Youtube app it goes directly to the youtube web site, but when I try clicking on a video to watch, it just keeps buffering and no video. But when I switch the phone to WiFi, it plays all the videos just fine. Is this a software problem? Sprint network problem? Anyone with any info please help me
    08-24-11 06:35 PM
  2. phone-a-holic's Avatar
    No problem here. I am checking again to be sure.
    08-24-11 06:47 PM
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    Guess I'm going to have to take it into the BlackBerry store tomorrow, The store manager really couldn't be sure what it might be over the phone, She said she may have to call RIM's tech line and see what it might be. And again, it only happens when I have it on 3G regular Sprint network...but when I check BOTH 3G & WiFi (which I'm keeping both checked, and I haven't noticed any battery drain because of it) when I play the youtube videos from the app when my device is WiFi, there is NO problem at all, very fast and responsive.
    08-24-11 06:55 PM
  4. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Lefty make sure you go to the HTML version of YT. www dot youtube dot com/ HTML5
    08-24-11 07:03 PM
  5. leftypepper716's Avatar
    Lefty make sure you go to the HTML version of YT. www dot youtube dot com/ HTML5
    Thanks Crucial I'll try that...so does that mean my preinstalled youtube app is worthless?

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    08-24-11 07:11 PM
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    Lefty make sure you go to the HTML version of YT. www dot youtube dot com/ HTML5
    Sorry Crucial...still didn't play...just keeps buffering guess its back to the BlackBerry store 2morrow for me. Thanx for the help anyway sir.

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    08-24-11 07:29 PM
  7. ZMc1834's Avatar
    I am having the same issues, I can't get any Youtube videos to work and my Sprint Cup Mobile app will not play any audio/videos
    09-06-11 10:59 AM
  8. ZMc1834's Avatar
    I was able to get some youtube videos to work last night, but not all using my 3G connection. I also was able to get every youtube video that wouldn't play over 3G to play while I was connected to my wifi and the same with Sprint Cup Mobile. I had contacted support yesterday regarding the issues with Sprint Cup Mobile, and here is the response that I received:


    The Live Audio feature in NASCAR application has gained more popularity than
    expected, and Sprint is working to boost their systems in the coming weeks to
    accommodate the increased demand, and ensure all users are able to listen to
    the Live Audio. Please know that we and Sprint are very aware of the importance
    of this feature.

    We recommend toggling off the audio button and waiting 5 seconds before
    toggling on audio to reconnect to the audio streams. If you have access to
    WiFi, we recommended that for audio and video on our app.
    So, if we apply the same theory to the youtube app issues, Sprint's network is just not strong enough to carry the load from the sounds of it.
    09-07-11 06:50 AM
  9. FOIA Gras's Avatar
    I am having the same issue as others with YouTube. It runs without issue over WiFi but get nothing but "application error" when trying to run via wireless network. My wife's Android phone can play YT over the network, however. It seems that this is only a BB on Sprint network issue or maybe an OS 7.0 issue as my 9700 with OS 6.0 had no problems running on T-mobile.
    09-12-11 10:57 PM
  10. FOIA Gras's Avatar
    Are users still having problems with YouTube? Mine suddenly started working last week. Maybe Sprint caught wind of user complaints and fixed a glitch with their network? In any case it's nice to have it working.

    Battery drain is still a major issue with or without YouTube.

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    09-22-11 11:17 AM
  11. o4liberty's Avatar
    I have noticed with my 9930 from version doesn't like to play videos on 3g unless the signal is good. Wifi I have no issue at all playing videos. I firmly believe that rim is not using the processor to its fullest in this device.
    09-22-11 11:59 AM
  12. ZMc1834's Avatar
    I just tried to use my YouTube with only Sprint's 3G and it worked, I had full signal strength at the time.
    09-22-11 12:05 PM
  13. jn23's Avatar
    Hey guys.. I was having this same problem with my new 9930 (different network though). Anyway, I think I found the solution. First, you need to get to the full youtube site. Go to youtube.com, it will automatically direct you to the mobile site. Now, go to options, and at the bottom of the list you will see "desktop". Select that. You should be able to watch videos now. When I did it, the video box came up, but there was no "play" button. I just clicked on the middle of the black screen, and the video began playing. This was not in wifi mode. Lastly, while you are on the home page of the full site, click your bb button and save the link to your home page. You now have a direct link on your home screen to the full site for future use. Hope this helps.

    Edit: the link I saved on my home screen takes me to the mobile page by default after I delete cookies, so I still have to periodically manually select the full site.
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    01-16-13 10:46 PM
  14. BigDofRvd's Avatar
    Iim having the same problem. Worked fine since I got it last August. But recently has not been playing on wi fi. Only will play on the network. It says"content is not available. Server is blocked or unresponsive. Anybody see that before?
    01-25-13 04:26 AM
  15. Jake2826's Avatar
    I recently noticed I have this problem while on Sprint's 3g network with my 9930. On wifi ot works fine. Anybody have this problem and know of a fix?
    08-10-13 11:21 PM
  16. MontoyaOscar84's Avatar
    Have you tried a battery pull? That usually fixes most minor issues.
    08-13-13 11:33 PM