1. xACiD's Avatar
    Just last night I was watching youtube videos on my 9930 and it was crisp and very clear but today I'm watching it and it's bad quality again like it was on my 9650. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?

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    08-19-11 03:02 AM
  2. TyePo's Avatar
    Could be that you were streaming it on wifi the first time then on your mobile network the second time? or it could just be the videos themselves, unless of course it was the same video you watched both times.
    08-19-11 03:43 AM
  3. dalton4L's Avatar
    Maybe you watched a good quality video then watched bad quality ones...
    08-19-11 03:51 AM
  4. xACiD's Avatar
    Might be right.. I think I was on wifi. Is there no way to make it go HQ on 3g ? I don't mind if it takes longer to buffer.. Cause non hq looks like straight ****

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    08-21-11 02:54 PM
  5. badger906's Avatar
    theres an app you can get which ive forgotten its name (i just typed youtube in the app store) and it has an option to make videos all in HQ, but thats only on the "pro" version.
    i was a little dissapointed with the way youtube is bad quality over 3g, my previous phone streamed in HQ over all connections. i guess its just to save data usage
    08-21-11 03:30 PM