06-22-09 05:35 AM
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  1. rabbivj's Avatar
    as with the other users said, i cant stand touch screen phones and i need a physical keyboard...so I wont be getting one anytime soon.
    06-21-09 03:23 AM
  2. championart's Avatar
    Some of the biggest issues for would be 1) You cannot put insurance on the iphone 2) non replaceable battery 3) Multitasking 4) I have a jailbroken 32gb ipod touch that pretty much does everything the iphone does minus the phone part.
    06-21-09 04:55 AM
  3. nikolous's Avatar
    i've got both the bold and the iphone. i think i would be the most impartial person in this matter because even though i am a mac user and a mac fanatic, i still cannot stand behind apple and what they have done with the iphone. every "new" iphone that has come out has some minor update. from 2g to 3g, now a better camera. the 3g does everything the 3gs does after jailbreaking. i was able to take video with my 2g iphone as well. plus a jailbroken iphone 3g can also use bluetooth file transfer. i'd like to see the iphone 3gs do that. i love my iphone but it is a toy. i love the bold because it is an actual smartfone. nothing out at this moment can make me give up one or the other.
    06-21-09 06:34 AM
  4. Spawn12's Avatar
    No, but not because it isn't a BlackBerry. I simply hate touchscreen
    +1 but give me a Blackberry with touchscreen a la Bold style and id be very happy indeed.

    Saying that though, the new iphone doesnt bring much to the table does it??..all it does is tie up a few loose ends ie MMS, video recording and cut n paste...which should have been on the phone from day one....still no multi tasking i see so for me its a complete waste of money. Only thing that stands out for me is the web browser but even then thats not enough to make me go and buy one. Too many things missing from it to make me seriously think about ditching my Bold.

    I have the HTC Magic Android phone and even i prefer that over the iphone...it does everything that the iphone does and more ..although i use it more for games...keeps me occupied on my way to and from work.
    06-21-09 07:23 AM
  5. mark-d's Avatar
    No, not tempted at all. I had a play with a friend's iphone 3G and I thought it was little more than a gadget. I couldn't get the hang of that virtual keyboard at all, I see no reason I'd ever want to use my phone as a spirit level and I'm more than happy with my Bold so no jumping ship here.

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    06-21-09 07:35 AM
  6. Calx#CB's Avatar
    I can't stand touchscreen. All that chasing round the screen looking for buttons.
    I know where my blackberry button is. Cos it doesn't move

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    06-21-09 07:44 AM
  7. jsanta11's Avatar
    Not even a bit..Played with the new iphone and I use to own the 3g..Same **** just a couple improvements thats it..Apple is milking people..
    06-21-09 07:47 AM
  8. Marcjcd's Avatar
    Not even close to being tempted! IMO in fact 3GS is not a real upgrade to 3G. OS 3.0 IS the upgrade, and you can get that and most of its features on 3G. In addition, since ATT has only rolled out their higher speed in Chicago to this point, tests have shown that the speed is marginally different. Of coarse, apps load up quicker and the camera is better and the addition of video camera, SMS, copy/cut/paste are there but again shouldnt all those been included a year ago at minimum. To me, this is typical APPLE... new year, minor upgrade, and the sheep run to the store to say they have the newest version!
    06-21-09 09:04 AM
  9. avt123's Avatar

    - Speedy text input: Blackberries (Bold in particular) has the best keyboard, virtual or real, on a phone hands down. I type faster on it than anything I've held with my two hands.
    So are you saying that the iPhone is unable to type fast? I type faster on the iPhone than I do my Bold, and that is with the portrait keyboard. Just because you are not good at typing on it does not mean it doesn't have speedy text input.
    06-21-09 09:24 AM
  10. BergerKing's Avatar
    Nope, no need to pay that price for a device I woukd love to hate. Negat on touchscreens, and if I had dropped it even once the way my Curve has taken a dive, I'd be looking at a replacement.

    Ya'll can keep the touchscreen devices.

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    06-21-09 09:43 AM
  11. AussieTwilightFan's Avatar
    I've had an iphone and didn't like the touchscreen...not every person has tiny little fingers...and no I'm not a giant sized woman either
    I like the tactial sensation of the keys under your fingers.

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    06-21-09 09:48 AM
  12. OldDeadOne's Avatar
    I doubt if I will quit using my bold for quite awhile since I just got it,don't think I'll get a iphone :P
    06-21-09 09:49 AM
  13. Fraydog's Avatar
    If it was on Verizon I would be. However, where I live AT&T sucks and since 90% of the people in my town have Verizon I don't want to lose M2M.
    06-21-09 09:57 AM
  14. fabuloso's Avatar
    This thread should be moved to the iPhone forum, or deleted...

    And no. My Bold does what its suppose to do for me, and I am never looking back until Bold 2 or better comes out.

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    06-21-09 10:11 AM
  15. ATLROCKERGIRL's Avatar
    im not tempted but i do like the iphone. i gave away my ipod touch 2G to my brother because i didnt use it at all and it was just sitting on my dresser. if i got the iphone i would use it because it would be my cell phone but other than that i wouldnt use it much.
    06-21-09 10:16 AM
  16. GolfnCPA's Avatar
    I am a devoted Blackberry fan. However, I must admit that I do like to play around on my friend's iPhones if available. That being said, after 5 minutes I give it back to them and then resume productivity.
    06-21-09 10:28 AM
  17. perfectionist's Avatar
    Not really a fan of touchscreen, still need a physical keyboard to type and I mean type fast. Plus the facilities of BlackBerry is JUST UNCOMPARABLE, damn. You know what they say, "once you've had Black, you can't go back".
    06-21-09 10:39 AM
  18. rikkshady's Avatar
    Hey send me a picture text from your iphone, oh that's right, you can't! I've had 3 iphones and jailbroke two of em... Apple should take notes from the ppl who make the jailbreak for the phones.. They are still junk, but at least jailbreakin them made it kinda cool junk, til it froze.

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    06-21-09 11:12 AM
  19. LunaC's Avatar
    I have both iphone 3G and bold. Bold is primary. Played with 3Gs friday and it was more responsive and safari was faster load engadget.com by a big margin on WiFi. However I run backgrounder and cut and paste on my iphone and newest touch. Biggest issues, ram is insuffiecient for multitasking. It gets horrible unresponsive when it hits around the 14MB availiable. The 3Gs takes care of the ram so that is the big improvement in my eyes.
    Still trying to figure out overclocking the iphone back to the suggested default 600mhz rather than 400

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    06-21-09 11:23 AM
  20. bumblesbounce's Avatar
    No...happy with my Bold...stubborn as a mule.
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    06-21-09 11:54 AM
  21. hoopd83's Avatar
    More than likely no. I love the qwerty keyboard for typing. I like being able to take the battery and sim card out myself. And lastly I don't want to have to send my phone in if there is any problems with it. I'm addicted to the full keyboard, what can I say. Lol.

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    06-21-09 03:00 PM
  22. netwerx1's Avatar
    That's a no for me.

    I just sold my iPhone 3G that I'd had for the better part of a year, two weeks after picking up a Bold (my first BlackBerry). The iPhone did a lot of things well, and the gaming and browsing experience could not be beat; but in the end, for daily use, I could not get completely comfortable with the touch screen as the only input method. The Bold does the things I need a smartphone for better than any other device I've ever used.
    06-21-09 03:13 PM
  23. Shawnfb's Avatar
    For you 3GS owners, how is the battery life? Compared to 3G and Bold?

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    my 3G S lasts the whole day.. I would say it is on par with the Bold under normal to heavy usage. When i switch to 2g on the 3GS it lasts alot longer.. though I have had it two days, the battery is LOTS better than the 3G and equal to the Bold
    06-21-09 03:18 PM
  24. Bargsbeer's Avatar
    I had the first iPhone and the 3G, The fact it took Apple 3 years to include some of the most basic smart phone features is idiotic to me. On top of that there were almost no hardware upgrades from the 3G to 3GS.
    06-21-09 03:21 PM
  25. jesvar88's Avatar
    i work in the city and all i see are blackberrys...IMO iphones are nothing but toys that are handed to kids...but once they grow up....they get the real gadgets that do work and are actually smart. hence they're real smartphones. sadly, some of us never grow up..

    blackberrys are the best smartphones ever this is why they have the number of sales they do. and also why everyone who is looking for a real SMARTphone, has a blackberry.

    i love my bold!
    06-21-09 03:44 PM
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