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    Not a problem yet, as I still have my 9650 and am still reading about the 9930.

    I have read around quite a bit, but haven't heard of anyone who doesn't have their SIM card. I took mine out when I first got my 9650 because of some rumor that it helped increase reception... (maybe it did; maybe it didn't) but I forgot about it, and now I can't find it.

    I go to the sprint blackberry website to handle all my email addresses, filters, etc, and really want to make sure I don't screw this up. Something bad happened in the past where my login and password to that site was mucked up when I switched from an 8330. This was sort of before the universal BBID thing, and now that it is used for all sorts of apps, including my playbook -- I just don't need to mess it up. The last time it happened Sprint tier 1 told me to just make a new one... I said NO! So they bumped me up and it took 3 days to get someone who knew how to sort it out for me and give me a password that worked, and let me reset it back.

    So on the site they do have device switching instructions for with and without SIM card (this appears to be newish). I am hoping when sprint activates my new 9930, this login information isn't messed with. Has anyone done this and can confirm?

    Sorry about the ramble, I am just paranoid of the people in the store messing up my stuff... even accidentally. ;-)

    08-24-11 06:59 PM
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    The SIM doesn't matter if you are using the device on Sprint. You will use the other instructions. It will work fine.

    You will log in to your BlackBerry ID on the device and everything will be fine.
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    08-24-11 07:02 PM
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    Thanks... just thought one check here first might be wise; I appreciate it.
    08-24-11 07:16 PM