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    I just got a Bold after using a Curve for some time. The Curve worked flawlessly with both Yahoo and Gmail. My new Bold works fine with Gmail, but when I read a Yahoo email on the BB, it does not get marked as read through Yahoo online. However, marking as read online does mark the message as read on my BB.

    Deleting emails works fine in both directions. Only the read/unread feature isn't responding.

    I tried to resolve this by logging into BIS and deleting then recreating my Yahoo account, and also resent the service books. Neither of these resolved the problem.

    Any suggestions?
    07-08-09 09:33 PM
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    I think I fixed the problem but I'll post it in case anybody else runs into this.

    Basically I logged into BIS, deleted the Yahoo account, waited until I saw it disappear on the BB, rebooted the BB by removing and replacing the battery, then recreated the Yahoo account in BIS.

    I also turned Wireless Reconcile (in Options > Email Reconciliation) to 'off', saved that setting, then turned it back 'on' and saved again.

    I can't say for sure which one of these actions fixed the problem, but it works now.
    07-09-09 12:04 AM