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    5 Best Cell Phones Doomed to be Collectible - Yahoo! Shopping

    I feel heavily offended by this article simply because I (as well as many others) have been waiting a very long time for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. And although the phone has not yet been released someone has dared to put the phone down in shoebox six feet under. If you have not read the article the keypoints are as follows:

    "There are lots of twists and turns in the smartphone market. Occasionally, some really good phones just fall through the cracks. Let's call these The Collectibles -- a handful of phones, years in development, that arrive or are set to launch, but instead they get cut down at their prime or doomed before they reach their full potential.


    #2 : RIM BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
    BlackBerry fans proved to be a far more loyal group than one would have expected. While other phones got touchscreens and smarter application processors, Research In Motion kept cranking out aging Bolds and Curves.

    The addictive BlackBerry e-mail and messenger service helped keep people interested and bought RIM some time as it put together a new generation of phones built around the QNX operating system.

    But between the maturing BlackBerry 6 operating system of yesterday and QNX of next year is an awkward spot that RIM hopes to fill with the touchscreen Bold.

    The Bold 9900 is a beautiful BlackBerry with a full-powered 1-gigahertz processor, a familiar keypad and a gesture reading touchscreen. The problem: Even though it won't arrive until later this summer, it's already been eclipsed by the promise of fully-functioning QNX devices next year.

    The Bold 9900: destined to be a lovely end-of-the-line."

    I am offended for two reasons, the Bold 9900 will be getting BlackBerry 7 (formerly known as 6.1, lets just put that aside for this article), and second, it feels as if this snippet is is expressing the idea that there will be no support and future updates of this device.

    So thats my little rant. Thank you.
    07-22-11 12:17 AM
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