1. MrJiver's Avatar
    The most peculiar thing has been happening on my phone, numerous songs in my music library have the album artwork of a different artist/album when viewed on my phone. But on my PC however, they clearly have the correct album artwork. This seems like just a glitch but its extremely irritating! And the same thing was happening on my old Torch. If anyone has any suggestions then that would be great :-)

    P.s. I'm running and I haven't had this phone for very long and don't intend to as its just a backup since my Q10 got stolen and my company won't let me use my work iPhone 5S as a 'personal' device etc.
    03-25-14 11:10 AM
  2. MANIBHINDER's Avatar
    Put songs in phone memry then see what happns

    03-25-14 11:16 AM
  3. dangerousfen's Avatar
    This is a bug with the music player on the 9900. For some reason the album title is not linked to the artist via the tag, So if you have different albums with the same name it gets screwed.
    03-25-14 05:04 PM
  4. MANIBHINDER's Avatar
    Different problem hah I think
    Phone wipe is only solution

    03-25-14 11:24 PM
  5. MANIBHINDER's Avatar
    Or tthere can b virus in specific songs. Scan music foldrs in pc antivirus

    03-25-14 11:26 PM
  6. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Or tthere can b virus in specific songs. Scan music foldrs in pc antivirus

    As I said! Its a BUG in the music player software. I have two 9900's and they both have the same issue.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    03-26-14 01:28 AM

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