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    Guys... kk i was on my phone and suddenly the screen goes white. and then my P , Enter, and Delete buttons all turn into ENTER buttons. so my P / enter and delete are no longer working. And my screen keeps going black and white and freezing on me.. how can i fix this? im with rogers. Thanks in advance.
    06-28-11 03:56 AM
  2. davethemanz's Avatar
    kk ill try those thanks.
    06-28-11 04:01 AM
  3. davethemanz's Avatar
    now i cant even start my phone i turn it on and a peach color screeen comes on and doesnt go away.
    06-28-11 04:07 AM
  4. davethemanz's Avatar
    and how long does that take to get fixed?
    06-28-11 05:18 AM
  5. davethemanz's Avatar
    the Letter P keeps getting spammed onto my phone now
    06-28-11 05:21 AM
  6. davethemanz's Avatar
    now its wiping my phone
    06-28-11 05:23 AM
  7. greggebhardt's Avatar
    SO how wet did it get?
    06-28-11 06:47 AM
  8. BergerKing's Avatar
    First thought myself, gg. The description of the fail is a fair indicator that the device has been exposed to miosture infiltration, whether by dunking, sweating, or excessive humidity.

    Waiting to see how this pans out ....


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    06-28-11 06:50 AM
  9. greggebhardt's Avatar
    You really enjoy it, don't you?
    Just asking an obvious question

    In my experience with Blackberrys all the way back to the 950 days, what is decribed here is due to moisture exposure.

    Sorry if I hit a nerve
    06-28-11 10:00 AM
  10. davethemanz's Avatar
    Lol^, yeah i got it wet i was texting while taking a shower lol. took it to rogers and they said bb wont cover it because of the white square . it was red. So they told me to take it to a local shop to fix it and i was going to go do that tomorrow. but when i got home i took out the battery and just rubbed the red square a little bit and put it back in and now it works... perfectly fine :S
    06-28-11 07:53 PM
  11. davethemanz's Avatar
    Multiple hours after my phone got fixed. Still working perfectly faster then b4 :S dont reccomand getting it wet and trying what i did tho.. ;l got lucky
    06-28-11 11:16 PM
  12. SmakBerry's Avatar
    texting while in the shower? She must be really good looking
    06-28-11 11:23 PM
  13. BergerKing's Avatar
    See? Those are classic symptoms of a wet BlackBerry. Not trying to make light of it, had something similar with one that went bonkers. After a number of experts had taken a shot at evaluation, I had a hunch; I asked how hard the BlackBerry had been thrown into the wall. Turned out, it was quite hard.

    It helps to be upfront when dealing with an issue such as this, it helps people get you the right help faster. Be embarrassed later, when you can laugh about it.

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    06-28-11 11:41 PM
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    lolll theres smart ppl on crackberry...
    06-28-11 11:41 PM
  15. davethemanz's Avatar
    berger i didnt know it was because i got it wet its my 1st bb and ive only had it for a couple weeks to a month
    06-28-11 11:42 PM
  16. BergerKing's Avatar
    berger i didnt know it was because i got it wet its my 1st bb and ive only had it for a couple weeks to a month
    I understand that, no worries. That's what we're here for, to help you in any way we can. I'm not picking on ya at all, it isn't my style. You learn a valuable lesson, and learn what not to do. It happens a lot around here, and even to experienced hands. So I assure you, I'm not making sport of your bad moment.

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    06-28-11 11:49 PM
  17. davethemanz's Avatar
    ohh cool cool , thanks to every1 who helped me on this tho : ) .. glad bb is working 3-4 weeks without bbm would suck.. fb isnt fast enuff ;l
    06-28-11 11:53 PM