1. VCB's Avatar
    Though I've had my Torch 9800 for little over 3 months now, and enjoy it immensely, I've grown a bit tired of constantly (though it's just a scant few moments) of moving the slider up & down to get to the keyboard. I've read up on many reviews/thoughts on the Bold 9900, and it looks to me a like a great device/it would be a great fit for me. However, there is obviously no release date yet for it for AT&T, and I do worry a bit about missing somethings I like to do on the Torch.
    09-04-11 09:41 PM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    its a nice device and the keyboard is awesome you will love it!

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    09-04-11 09:44 PM
  3. montyl's Avatar
    I switched from the Storm2 9550 to Bold 9650 to the Bolt Touch 9930, it is awesome, it is like a combination of the Storm and the Bold with power under the hood. Just be aware that battery life does suffer some, but there is no way I will go back, I just plan ahead with extra battery, 12vdc cigarette charger, wall charger, etc.
    09-04-11 10:19 PM
  4. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    Had the 9800 at launch, picked up the 9900 at launch. Night and day. Big upgrade. My wife still has the 9800 because she doesn't use the keyboard as much as I do and doesn't care too much about speed, but if you are constantly opening up your 9800 to use the keyboard, the 9900 is for you. It's overall a much better phone. I use to enjoy my 9800 when I had it and had no major complaints about the phone but I do believe IMO that it is a big upgrade even though the 9800 will still do a good job.

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    09-04-11 10:27 PM
  5. Jake Storm's Avatar
    I went Curve - iPhone 3G - Storm9550 - iPhone 3GS - Bold 9780 - Bold 9900

    The 9900 is the biggest leap. By far the best phone I have owned.
    RIM is moving forward, can't wait to see the first QNX phone.
    09-04-11 11:41 PM
  6. Foberry's Avatar
    I went from 9700, 8 months later switched to the Torch (launch) and now I'm on the 9900 a year later. Loved all 3 devices but the 9900 wins hands down.

    I'm much like you in that eventually the sliding mechanism grew tiresome, loved it at first not so much afterwards. Going from the 3.2in to 2.8in isn't much of a difference and the higher res will definitely ease the pain of losing some screen real estate and the thinness of the 9900 makes it much more attractive\appealing.

    I say get the 9900 if\when you are able to you won't regret it at all.
    09-04-11 11:58 PM
  7. mhw100's Avatar
    I can echo how tired I became with the 9800 slider and the resolution was poor. Go and try a 9900 in a store and make your own decision. The keyboard makes the phone imo.
    09-05-11 12:06 AM
  8. dallasjetfan's Avatar
    I tend to always buy the next "best" BB and this time was no different. Only complaint is battery life, but I have found ways to fix that plus it is to be expected with more power, higher resolutions, etc. As many have mentioned, the keyboard makes the phone!!
    09-05-11 01:42 AM
  9. mc21's Avatar
    I actually love sliders and was one of the first adapters (at least it feels like it) back in what? 2002? or earlier. I can't remember. Anyways, my point was that if the keyboard was just as amazing on the slider, I would get it but it isn't. The touch screen works great for me and I really have no complaints about the 9930. However I went into this knowing exactly what I was getting.

    Off track side note... this thing feels tiny after using android with extended batteries...
    09-05-11 01:45 AM
  10. donnation's Avatar
    This is a 9900 forum so what do you think the answer to your question will be?
    09-05-11 07:49 AM
  11. ratchetjaw#AC's Avatar
    my thoughts exactly! he expects the 9900 fans to tell him it's not worth the upgrade

    Tired of these foolish questions!
    You have 4 posts and have been here since sept of this year lol, you havent been here long enough to be "tired of these foolish questions"
    09-05-11 08:30 AM
  12. decypher44's Avatar
    Oh, if I had a ban-hammer...

    Anyway, VCB, see if you can get out of your contract with ATT (any loophole to avoid ETF), go with another carrier, and get the 9900/30. The best mobile experience I've had. Of course, it's all subjective as it's just my opinion, but it's a damn-fine piece of communications equipment.

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    09-05-11 09:24 AM
  13. ratchetjaw#AC's Avatar
    I have been reading on the forums longer than you can ever imagine. Just recently registered

    And whats your problem anyway? Did I offend you? no. so buzz off
    Bbzzz now you have 6 posts lol. OP it is a really great phone. All the new line up phones are. Can't go wrong with either. Pick your poison(form factor) and enjoy
    09-05-11 09:49 AM
  14. donnation's Avatar
    You have 4 posts and have been here since sept of this year lol, you havent been here long enough to be "tired of these foolish questions"
    I've been here long enough, and basic common sense would dictate that if you ask the kind of question the OP asked what the answer is going to be.
    09-05-11 10:39 AM
  15. tard44's Avatar
    ...I too enjoyed the Torch but for me the keyboard was just a little too small, and since I really dislike / am terrible at using a touchscreen keyboard I'd been waiting (more or less) patiently for the 9900 for months. Totally don't regret anything about it at all, marvellous phone.
    09-05-11 10:59 AM