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    I could use some advise here... as like many others, I'm not that happy about the lack of power (1230 mAh) in the standard setup.

    I found these substitute batteries, and I'm wondering if they are safe?
    They seem to have the same voltage, however I want to be absolutely sure that they're not going to melt down my phone?

    1600 mAh:
    Newegg.com - GTMax 1600mAh Standard Lithium-Ion Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9930 / Montana

    1850 mAh:
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    08-17-11 12:26 PM
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    These people are all exaggerating the battery capacity. There is NO WAY to get that kind of performance out of the same chemistry battery without increasing it's size. If RIM could get a battery the same size that had this much more power, I think they would have done it. There are different ways to measure a battery's capacity and I am betting they are all not using the industry standard method or they are just down right lying.
    08-17-11 12:33 PM
  3. funnykindel's Avatar
    i am beginning to think so too...thats why i will want to see different reviews before i get this battery so that i dont "melt" my phone because i want an extra few hours battery life.
    08-19-11 06:35 AM
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    just buy an extra battery like me, its so small you can just put it in your pocket or wallet, that way your phone will always make it through the day : )
    08-19-11 06:37 AM
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    I got two neweggs on order just to see. Will let you all know
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    08-19-11 06:54 AM
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    All batteries have a % margin of which they have to fit into. So for example a 1250mah + or - 5-10% will give varying capacities.

    I race remote control cars and do airsofting so have a lot of experience with batteries. I've had 5000mah batteries hold a charge close to 6000mah and some far less.

    I know this doesn't account for the dramatic difference in the batteries quoted above, but I think its possible to squeese 1500mah or close enough from a same sized battery. But maybe that's just my optimism lol

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    08-19-11 07:13 AM
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    I believe you can have a bigger mah battery the size of the current rim 1230mah. The thing is the actually discharge to me. How long will it really last? You charge it 3-5 cycles then the things acts like a 500mah battery. Guess someone will let us know how it works eventually .
    08-19-11 07:53 AM