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    i'll get 9900 but which company i take i dont know i wanna use mobilicity virgin\telus\rogers\bell which i take
    09-04-11 07:59 PM
  2. jfmanzo's Avatar
    mobilicity works on the same HSPA bands as Wind and T-Mobile USA. Find a way to get one from T-Mo or wait for it to come out for Wind, or for Mobilicity itself of course. If you do get one from any of the providers you list here, you won't get 3G or HSPA+ but only EDGE. This is because all you list operate on the 850/1900 bands for data, and Mobilicity operates on 900/1700, same as Wind and T-Mo.
    09-04-11 10:06 PM
  3. Core_Frequency's Avatar
    If my quick google search is correct, you would need a T-Mobile USA 9900... It's the only carrier with the 9900 with that frequency.
    09-04-11 10:10 PM
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    thanks a lot i'll buy bell but i will buy 9900 bell and i wanna this plans middle but it says unlimited bbm mail but no unlimited social networking4 (excluding BlackBerry and Palm) if the no internet How to use e-mail and BBM and how much data 100mb?? please i wanna buy 9900
    Voice and Data plans from Bell Mobility- Bell
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    09-05-11 12:17 AM