1. asd7's Avatar
    That the older Bold devices will get updates in the coming months?
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    03-30-14 06:51 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    Couldn't say for sure, but it would seem like the right thing to do.
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    03-30-14 06:53 PM
  3. eldricho's Avatar
    I'm thinking security updates or some sort of update to match what they have done with the last released OS7 device (the lockscreen camera button and improved sharing in the app)

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    03-30-14 07:05 PM
  4. BDLIVE4463's Avatar
    Could be interesting. I'd love to see some new features, but then again its also quite possible that they're just going to put out bug fixes. It'd be nice to see a 7.2 update though.

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    03-30-14 08:42 PM
  5. trwallace's Avatar
    it just means they can hold some customers for a little while longer and possibly make some money. Obviously these things still sell and the customers arent ready for a full smartphone experience. So you do one of two things you shut them out and hope they migrate to the new platform or you give them the phone for a little while longer and try to come up with something else so they can transition eventually. Unfortunate but true. Its like the microsoft xp transition you can upgrade to the new OS or you can switch to something else, linux, google chrome or just windows 7. Microsoft has decided just to shut it down and hope those people migrate. They have the advantage of a much larger user base so if they lose some customers its fine. Blackberry doesnt have that luxury. They need each and every customer and revenue coming in. Until they get some positive cash flow they need to think about dollars and cents on everything. So if the bolds sell them bring them out. I would say like the 18 month turn around plan at some point they need to transition out of the old OS.
    03-30-14 08:57 PM

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