1. dcnats's Avatar
    I bought a spare battery and charger for it (the plastic holder thing) online but it may not arrive today -- even though I am going out of town and need it today. So I'd buy another one today if I could but don't know if there's anywhere that would have it. I imagine VZW stores won't have anything yet, ditto Best Buy. Any other ideas? As far as I know Blackberry doesn't have any stores...
    08-18-11 10:56 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    yeah im not sure if they would have a charging cradle for the spare batt
    but your local carrier store would have an extra battery and just charge it in the phone

    and next time dont wait till the last minute
    08-18-11 11:49 AM
  3. CanuckSoldier's Avatar
    While a cradle is nice, a normal USB charger will work, and is much easier to get, any micro USB charger from any company will work as they all have to meet the physical and electrical specs to be USB certified.

    08-18-11 12:06 PM
  4. glidewells's Avatar
    My local verizon store (mobile, al) had some accessories in store yesterday, but no batteries yet.

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    08-18-11 01:38 PM
  5. dcnats's Avatar
    LOL at "dont wait till the last minute"

    I ordered the battery before I even got the phone from the only website anywhere that had it in stock -- some random guy on eBay that didn't offer expedited shipping. Yeah lots of stores "carry" it but as of a few days ago (and even today from what I've seen) they are ALL out of stock. This includes blackberry.com.

    I'm going to call my local store. Canuck, you miss the point. I don't need just a charger, I need a holder that will allow me to charge the batter separately. They are harder to find and must obviously fit the exact battery.
    08-18-11 02:28 PM