1. Rahil Dalal1's Avatar
    My friend have had this Blackberry Bold 9700 since 2 years now and all used to work perfectly.

    He also had the Blackberry data plan and in the office he used wifi.

    Then, since last 2 months, he is unable to use wifi.

    So, I check his phone and all settings look good. He has upgraded the offical ROM to the latest version of his carrier(T-mobile canada though he uses Vodafone in India but the phone is from t-mobile canada and he updated it with bb desktop manager to the version OS 6 bundle 3049( v6.0.0.706,Platform

    Now, his wifi gets connected no doubt and also shows a white coloured tick but does not open anything. I have set the 1st preference as wifi.

    On further finding, I found that the local IP address that the phone showed was

    Now, on checking the router I found that router had assigned a valid IP address to the phone but phone is showing only

    I tried wiping everything and then also factory reseting the phone but without any success.

    I do not know how to manually assign IP address to any device on my router. My router is Asus RT-N10+. And many devices work on it without a problem.

    Also, I tried using different routers in different places but nothing.

    So, can any of you guyz help me?

    some further info: the data connection is set to on. Browser cannot be set to hotspot browser as it OS 6. Connection prefrences are set to : wifi preferred. Current sim-card: BSNL (India). Main sim card used when the problem arrived: Vodafone (India).
    02-02-14 08:53 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry! Are you saying his BIS plan is still active?
    02-02-14 11:25 AM

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