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    Ive searched the forums for the last half hour and still cant find a definitive answer. Does the 9900 have wifi calling? I do not understand the difference between uma and wifi calling. When I checked the box on the tmobile site asking to show wifi calling enabled devices the 9900 was shown. TMobile signal isnt so hot in my house so this is a must have.. If there is something I missed in the other posts I am sorry for the redundancy. Thank you in advance for all your replies.
    09-04-11 09:52 PM
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    Well, TMobile will have what is commonly known as UMALite or GAN Lite (While being able to initiate a call on WiFi), but if that signal is lost, the call will not be `handed over` to the carrier`s network. So you will get WiFi calling, and not true UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) The 9900 is only capable of the former as well. Not carrier limitation (I know nothing about TMobile though), just a hardware thing. As to when you can begin to use it? Not sure, ask your carrier maybe?

    09-04-11 10:04 PM
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    ive been wondering the same thing. i have terrible tmo signal in my house and rely on wifi for txt/bbm and phone calls.
    09-04-11 10:11 PM
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    WiFi phone calls are calls made using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) (i.e. Skype).
    09-04-11 10:16 PM
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    WiFi phone calls are calls made using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) (i.e. Skype).
    So the reply above means out of the box this phone does have wifi calling in the states using T-Mobile service?
    09-04-11 10:37 PM
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    The correct answer is, the 9900 DOES NOT have any form of wifi calling at the moment. No UMA, no GAN lite, zero zip nada.

    Now, there is speculation that the 9900 will, at some point in the future, get a software upgrade to enable some form of wifi calling. When? No one knows, if ever.
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    09-04-11 10:42 PM