1. Craig_00's Avatar
    this is my bb and i duno if i hav done sumfing but today i turned my Wi-Fi on and for some reason i cant turn it off. every i go into manage connections and try to turn it off, i cant click on Wi-Fi for the box is a grey colour.

    Anyone no whats happened or any other way to turn it off.
    09-03-08 03:39 PM
  2. Craig_00's Avatar
    haa someone help me lol its annoying me the wi-fi sign!

    and also i am not that techy so its probz something real simple
    09-03-08 04:18 PM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry Craig.

    If Mannage Connections are set up the same as a Curve, you open the Connections application and select the services you what active.

    They should include Mobile Network, Wifi and Bluetooth.

    When you select Wifi, the icon should change to a yellow circle with a white horizontal bar.

    That means you have a valid Wifi connection, but UMA service is not active.

    If it goes to a green circle, you have UMA too.
    09-03-08 04:23 PM
  4. Craig_00's Avatar
    Thanks for that but i its fixed now just took out the battery and put it back and there we go i can turn it off.
    09-03-08 04:45 PM