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    My battery on my Bold 9900 does some really weird things. First, today it went from charged to 1% withing an hour, and then proceeded to stay at 1% for the rest of the day, with no ill effects. I could use the mobile radio and WiFi just fine. It's done similar things in the past few weeks. When I charge it from 1% after something like that, it will jump back to around 30% after just a minute or two on the charger. Today, it also went from 30% to dead after a few seconds of using my flashlight. It then tried to restart, but would get to my password screen (showing about 35% battery) then die and try again. It did this a few times, then I got it on the charger and it jumped to 35%. A while later, I had taken it off the charger, then checked something online. It died suddenly after a few minutes, from about 50%. I put it back on the charger, and then it restarted and showed 75% battery left. Something really weird is happening, and I don't know why. Any help would be appreciated!
    10-14-14 09:22 PM
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    This happened to me when I had my bold. Really weird. I tried OS reloads different batteries..etc. Never fixed. Turns out for me it was a hardware issue. The pins on the battery connector were not bent some how. Check to make sure all pins are actually connecting to the battery.

    I would try a reload of the OS first, then maybe another battery. Then see.

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    10-14-14 09:58 PM

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