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    I had an issue with my Bold a week ago, and had to back down to AT&T's latest antique OS. Though I deleted that OS from my computer, and installed Vodaphones latest official release (and yes, removed XML ID from it), I could not get it to load via DM 5.0. I read numerous posts on various wiping options and such, all a **** of a lot of work and possible reloading.

    I read on another site to go to c:\program files\common files\RIM\app loader.
    I came across a file called 'loader.exe'. I figured at this point I would have to do a wipe, so I double clicked it and an install program came up that I had never seen. It took me step by step through the upgrade, backed up 'EVERYTHING' on the unit except for ringtones and one or two programs that needed activation codes, installed the new OS, restored everything in the exact locations I had the icons, contacts, emails, saved items, etc. The whole operation took less than 30 minutes, and didn't have the 100 step process that I keep reading about on these forums for updating an OS.

    So what gives? Did I miss that post, cause I sure as **** read enough of them all saying use JL_Commander, wipe the unit, and start from ground zero and spend a day resetting up the entire unit. I have never seen discussed what proved to be an incredibly simple solution to my problem.

    08-03-09 09:56 PM
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    Too late smart!

    I always prefer running loader to upgrade.
    08-03-09 10:01 PM
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    Did you turn off your internet connection? I have to turn mine off to update my OS with DM5.
    08-03-09 10:01 PM
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    Yah, it's posted on a lot of threads as an alternative to using the desktop manager and has been known to prevent a lot of unwanted aggravation.
    08-03-09 10:04 PM
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    If we told you this secret it wouldn't be a secret anymore...

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    08-04-09 12:45 AM
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    fyi DM 5.0 is known to give people problems with the Bold. and on a side note, you are from NYC and at the time of this post you have 212 posts. what a coincidence.
    08-04-09 05:45 AM
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    I find that interesting that DM 5.0 is known to give problems with the Bold. Is this a well known problem?
    I only ask because I've been requesting help in another post whereby DM 5.0 keeps wanting to run in the same updates over and over.

    08-04-09 06:11 AM
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    Oh no the secret is no more

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    08-04-09 09:50 AM
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    I had to do that with loading my leaked os 5.0. When calling RIM for support the RIM reps don't even use the desktop manager. They do all of there reloads from loader.exe. Congrats on getting your berry working again.

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    08-04-09 10:22 AM
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    I have never used jL command or any program like that.

    I don't know why people added so many steps to the process.

    This is the guide I follow and it works every time.
    Load onto any carriers 9000

    Download device software from link above and save to your computer.

    Double click the icon from the saved file and install to your computer.

    Go to C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\ResearchInMotion\Applo ader and delete the Vendor.xml file.

    While in the same directory as the Vendor.xml file, look for and then double click on the Loader.exe file.

    Follow all of the prompts and install the new OS to your device. This process may take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.

    DO NOT UNPLUG the device until the App Loader Wizard says "Loading Operation Successful".
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    08-04-09 10:40 AM
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    i loved jl command
    08-04-09 10:46 AM
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    Just a question : Why we have to delete the Vendor.xml file? I always do this step before upgrading but I don't know why!!! Somebody can tell me please!!
    08-05-09 06:59 AM
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    Lol in case you couldn't sense the sarcasm from everyone... This is widely posted on the forums if you searched and many people have been using this to upgrade. Personally I see no difference from when using DM but to each his own.

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    08-05-09 07:32 AM
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    Yeah, it's not like the loader.exe secret is posted in every OS download thread as well as many other threads. Oh wait, it is.

    Just a question : Why we have to delete the Vendor.xml file? I always do this step before upgrading but I don't know why!!! Somebody can tell me please!!
    The vendor.xml file contains vendor specific information for the OS installation. Removing it makes the installation "generic", for example, so that you can install the Rogers .282 on an AT&T phone.
    08-05-09 10:18 AM