1. winston.sih's Avatar
    Just curious, Does BlackBerry purposely make applications not work in wifi and only with a data plan or is it because the majority of Blackberries dont have wifi so it was only designed for data plans? Will it be like this forever? Because iPhone apps ALL work in wifi... Just wanted your thoughts...
    09-07-08 12:57 PM
  2. GlenB's Avatar
    Some blackberry apps seem to assume that the only data connectivity is the mobile network. Previous versions of operamini were like that, the current one has a tick box in Settings to enable the use of WiFi, but it does seem more sensible to use whatever the data bearer is available, with preferences leaning towards WiFi. There is also the ability to select browser in Options -> Advanced -> Browser, to switch between Internet Browser and Hotspot Browser.

    I suspect as time moves on and applications are updated, this will become less of a problem.
    09-07-08 01:01 PM
  3. re.search's Avatar
    Sending and receiving E-Mails from BIS over WiFi works as well as the Browser and BeeJiveIM!
    09-07-08 01:12 PM
  4. avmsam's Avatar
    the software developers are now realizing people want to use apps over wifi so over time it they will release editions to work using wifi.

    also the whole point of a blackberry(blackberry service, bbm, pin, emails etc) requires a data plan, so most blackberry people have a data plan. so developers don't necessarily see the need. but now that blackberry use is as much consumer as business, that should change.
    09-07-08 01:14 PM
  5. Fabmaclover's Avatar
    it s definitly in our avantage to use apps via wifi but not good at all for carriers that will love us to be over our data plan.. that s why it s taking so long and why must of the apps coming with the device wont work on wifi
    09-07-08 01:21 PM