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    I'm sorry but look at the screen in this video of the Bold 9900 here:

    And look at this ebay listing that just sold:
    BlackBerry Bold 9900 Black Factory Unlocked New Handset | eBay UK

    The bubbles are in some of the same locations and I feel like he may have tried to get the bubbles out when taking the pictures for ebay but ended up making them worse...

    Call me crazy, but anyone else think that is the same person and maybe they are who sold it?
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    07-06-11 04:21 AM
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    Nope, the one in the video is branded "Brand" on the back while the one ob ebay is actually branded "Bold" on the back.

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    07-06-11 04:27 AM
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    Why would engadget sell their bold?
    07-06-11 07:12 AM