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    Had the 9900 for over a week now and hadn't popped in headphones to listen to music.
    Today, I was listening to Taoi Cruz's Break Your Heart on the phone speaker, saw my wife's Sennheiser headphones lying around and I popped them in, and wow. Completely blown away with the sound quality.The headphone EQ options are great.
    I hear people raving about the iPod sound quality and how that's the best thing to happen to music. I don't know much about iPhone sound, but I do know a thing or two about good sound, and the 9900 does it extremely well.
    You don't get better than this. And if some Trolls pops in here claiming their IP4 sounds better, I'm gonna go look for a Cricket Bat to bash their heads in
    Really impressed RIM....
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    08-22-11 03:35 AM
  2. yauchunh's Avatar
    yea the sound quality on the playbook is equally impressive.
    08-22-11 03:37 AM
  3. sam_b77's Avatar
    yea the sound quality on the playbook is equally impressive.
    Yes that too...playing Dead Space on the PB without headphones still gives you full stereo effect.
    I have completely wiped my iTunes. All music now resides on my PB.
    08-22-11 03:40 AM
  4. Strus's Avatar
    It's just a big shame that there is no support for AC3. Lots of divix movies got AC3 soud and I have to convert them....
    08-22-11 04:12 AM
  5. Wretch 12's Avatar
    It's a shame that it wasn't something that was thought of for the older Curves though.
    08-22-11 04:13 AM
  6. badger906's Avatar
    I use my 9900 almost daily to listen to music on the way to work! And I think its brilliant. I even like the media player!

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    08-22-11 04:14 AM
  7. ekafara's Avatar
    My Zune died so I've been using my 9700 for my music. I wasn't too sure how it would go but it has been going well so far. Even the music player itself works really well. Can't wait to switch to the 9900 by the sounds of things. (Although I would switch back to a Zune in a heart beat. I loved both the Zune and Zune HD I had. I also love having separate product for playing media so my phone doesn't have a dead battery when I need it most)

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    08-22-11 05:39 AM