1. Rad Bouz's Avatar
    I just ordered one, and ive been reading up on it, and apparently it'll get dirty after a certain amount of use, meaning itll start changing shades of white and stuff,
    do you think this is true?

    another question
    a lot of people have been having problems removing their lens.
    but i found a solution
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    what im worried about is if i take it off is it going to leave sticky things on my screen?
    07-30-09 12:20 AM
  2. my240sx88's Avatar
    A whiteberry will get very dirty after moderate use. The oil from your hands isn't exactly clear. If it starts to get dirty u can simply clean it by pulling the batt and wipe it down with a alcohol wipe. Works for me atleast

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    07-30-09 12:27 AM
  3. Rad Bouz's Avatar
    you are the best
    thanks for putting my mind at ease.
    07-30-09 12:29 AM