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    Hey all,

    Right... I have a few issues at the moment with my Bold.

    1. on start up, the phone says uncaught exception
    2. the call logs only show missed calls
    3. I often get a white screen when browsing using the Blackberry browser. It can make my battery go from 3 bars to yellow. I have to pull out the battery to get rid of the white screen, then I have to recharge my phone
    4. phone randomly reboots
    5. the Facebook app doesn't receive notifications. It is logged in and I can check the activity stream but yeah, no notifications.
    6. the time changes itself randomly. I set it to +10 Brisbane but it randomly changes to -8. Absolutely annoying because it messes up the times on SMSes and seems to be retrospective too.
    7. the external speaker is very soft regardless of volume setting

    As for the OS installed, it's (platform I know this is not the most recent out but as far as I know it's the most recent supported by my carrier. It was a fresh install a few months ago when I sent it in to get the trackball replaced and hopefully get other little glitches solved.

    The white screen thing has only happened since the fresh install. Facebook had never worked since getting the phone back from repairs. The speaker seemed to die gradually over the space of about a week. I usually have my phone set to vibrate so I didn't notice until one day I didn't wake up to my alarm even though it had been ringing for 2 hours. Loudspeaker during a call does not work at all or it's so soft it's inaudible. The call log thing, time thing and uncaught exception thing only started when I updated device manager and it said I had core application updates to perform. The update did not complete because it said I had no room for anything else which is strange (I don't have anything like photos saved on the phone itself, they're all on the memory card) and there's a bunch of space on the card too.

    I don't have many apps installed - Bolt (don't use it anyways), WLM, Facebook and Google Maps.

    Any help is appreciated, I've got no clue how to update the OS and can't seem to follow any tutorials. So, I am very reluctant to do it especially seeing as my phone randomly reboots and would probably do it mid update with my luck. I'm guessing the answer is going to be to send it back to repairs which sucks because I'd get a crappy loan phone and would be without internet while I wait the two weeks or so.

    Honestly, looking forward to my contract expiring. I love the functionality of the Blackberry but the glitches and solutions suck. I'd be happy to get another Blackberry if the support was a little better and things were less glitchy. Most responses are usually "do a battery pull" or "reinstall the OS" and I even need to pay for an app to make the notification light to flash faster.
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    What exactly does the uncaught exception say? Something like java.lang.NullPointerException? Could be a corrupt entry that you sync'd in your address book or somewhere else.

    Are you sure your applications are compatible with your os? Have you tried running the best os your carrier offers (I checked 3's website & prompts to make sure you had the most recent.. which you do) without any applications and without synchronizing old data from before you sent your phone in for repairs?

    "The update did not complete because it said I had no room for anything else which is strange"

    The fact that the update did not complete is probably your main source of concern. Honestly, I feel you need to reload your os. In the 101's on here there's a tutorial for "reloading a nuked blackberry" that would be useful for you. download the os from 3's website, install it to your computer, then check out that tutorial. if it doesnt work for you post your progress and we will help you get through it... where theres a will theres a way

    ive revived an 8900, 8300, and 9000 all stuck in boot loop due to operating system issues/third party application problems. ive seen this before; its fixable. it just takes a little time and patience to get back to stability

    dont give up hope!
    06-20-10 01:25 AM
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    Hey Scott, thanks heaps for the reply

    All of the apps I have have been installed through app world so they should be the appropriate ones for my OS. I uninstalled all apps just now anyway and there was no change. The uncaught exception is: java.lang.NullPointerException.

    I just tried to go through the process of updating the "core applications" that failed before but DM can't find any updates. I'm guessing it thinks they've already been installed. I've reinstalled DM as well.

    I did sync from a back up after I got my phone got back from repairs, yeah. I'm guessing that was a bad idea? It was only the contacts, not the calendar or anything like that as I reverted back to using a hard copy diary again.

    I think I'm going to have to reinstall the OS or just deal with the glitches until my contract is up in January. I'll look into the process of reinstalling again when I'm not so tired. I'm just concerned about being without a phone and the internet as that's pretty much my only contact with the outside world at the moment, and I have seizures so I need to be able to call emergency services and my treating team at all times.

    Anywho, thanks for your help, I'll post back when I've made progress. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know
    06-20-10 07:51 AM
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    I've checked out the article at BlackBerry 101: How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry | CrackBerry.com and it seems easy enough. I'll give it a go on Sunday when I move into my new place, as there is a proper internet connection there so I'll be able to source articles and whatever if things go wrong.

    The thing is, my BB is not "nuked". The white screen has nothing on it and goes away after I do a battery pull. Will this article still apply for me?
    06-20-10 06:26 PM
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    It still applies. The big difference is that you won't have to "catch" it during a reboot loop, so you can skip that part and just go ahead with the instructions from the point where your phone is recognized by your computer.

    Good luck! It's scary the first time, but really not a big deal.
    06-22-10 10:02 PM