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    Hi CB nation,

    My 9700's screen went 100% white with random black vertical lines Q_Q. After playing with the screen I noticed a crack in the lcd when I press it. I can receive calls, my alarm goes off, and i still get bbm/text/e-mail buzzes. My warranty is over and I can't upgrade for more than a month . I think my best option is to buy a replacement lcd online and use some youtube videos to guide me through replacing it. What do you guys think?

    Also, in the mean time I want to check my texts/bbms/missed calls etc. Is there any way I can do that via connecting it to my PC?

    09-05-11 09:33 PM
  2. lilbobby2k's Avatar
    bump for help Q_Q
    09-05-11 10:55 PM
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    Go to a repair shop and have them replace the LCD. I did that. There isn't a way to check unread messages via the desktop computer, if you had a playbook and bb bridge already setup, you could then view it on the playbook.

    Backing stuff up via desktop manager, then you could use a .ipd viewer, but that would be a major pain for every message.

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    09-07-11 01:25 AM
  4. Nin3tyFouR's Avatar
    I would replace it yourself! its really easy and youtube will show you how just be gentle with it!
    09-07-11 06:41 AM