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    Hello everyone, I've searched the forum and tried a few of the tips, but the white screen still won't go away

    I've wiped it a few times, and tried to download a new OS onto it; the latest one I have tried to do is .1067.

    I've used a pdf.doc to help with wiping and installing an OS posted by a user on here. This is what it contained:

    'By Ahmed
    How To Install a new Operating System ( OS ) on your BlackBerry phone After downloading any Operating System for your BlackBerry, install it on your PC by double clicking on the downloaded .exe file. Make sure no other Operating Systems are installed except the one you want to upgrade to. Go to My Computer and look for a tab called '' uninstall or change a program '' OR '' add/rempove a program '' which is usually at the top of the window. Look for BlackBerry Device Software and if you found ones other than the one you want to upgrade to ( just installed ), uninstall them and then restart your PC. ( Note: Do NOT uninstall Blackberry Desktop Software which is the Desktop Manager). Now follow this Guide to upgrade:

    1. If the OS you've downloaded is not released by your Service Provider ( Carrier ), delete the Vendor.xml file. Otherwise, go to step 2
    To Delete the vendor file, go to -> ( My Computer, Local Disk C:, program files, common files, research in motion, apploader) and look for a file called Vendor and delete it). 2. Using the new DM ( Desktop Manager* 5.0 ) Backup your BB . ( BBSAK Backs up everything but we are using DM too should something go wrong with BBSAK ) To Backup using DM, Connect your BB Via USB cable > Start Desktop Manager > click on Backup and Restore > and Click Backup ( save the Backup file on your Desktop to find it easily ). Close DM when the Backup is completed and unplug your Berry. On your phone, go to options > password ( disable password )
    3. Download and install on your PC an application called BBSAK* ( download link is on page 2 )
    4. After installing BBSAK, connect your BlackBerry again and do not use Mass Storage Mode. Double click on BBSAK's shortcut on the desktop. Once BBSAK recognizes your device click on Backup Apps ( BBSAK Backs up everything including 3rd party application ). Now, click on Wipe Device.
    Updated on August 7, 2010
    By Ahmed
    When you see a white screen which says '' reload software 507 '', Click on Load OS and follow the prompts If BBSAK does not connect to your BB for any reason, do the following instead of steps 3 and 4: Get an application called CrackMem, install it on your PC and then run it. On its main window (on the left), select the OS which you've installed earlier and want to upgrade to. Then, click on ''Wipe Device'' and write '' BrickMyPhone ''. 5. Follow the installation prompts afterwards ( installation takes a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes ) 6. Phone will reboot automatically ( takes about 10 to 15 minutes ). Installation DONE 7. Restoring your Backup Start DM and click on Backup and Restore. Click on restore and choose the file from your desktop and click Open/OK To restore a backup using BBSAK, click on Restore Apps. OR Go through Install CODs and just reinstall the apps by directing it to the Backup folder in C:\Program Files\BBSAK 8. Disconnect your BB from your PC. Enjoy your NEW OS WARNING: Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of following this guide. Your 3rd party applications might be removed after the OS installation. _________________________________________
    By Ahmed
    BBSAK download link: forums.crackberry.com/f100/need-help-backing-up-data-apps-477503/#post5187586
    Desktop Manager download link: na.blackberry.com/eng/services/desktop/'

    I've used BBSAK, JL_Cmder, Crackmem.

    BBSAK - back up & wiping
    JL_Cmder - wiping
    Crackmem - wiping

    Every time after a wipe, I never received an error message, just a completely blank white screen.

    I used both DM and Apploader to reinstall OS on different occasions. If you need me to provide the pages I used from the forum to know of any procedures I went through please ask away!

    Please if anyone could give me any kind of help I'd really appreciate it as I'm heading off on holiday and was relying on my blackberry for a number of things.

    Thanks for reading and any suggestions you may give.
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