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    Recently when I have pulled the battery on my 9780, on restart I get a faded version of whatever was last on my screen, then it goes completely white. Start-up then takes as long as 8 minutes. Today I did this with my bluetooth on, and at the normal 3 minute or so start up time, I noticed that the led was flashing blue. For the fun of it, I activated redial on my jawbone, and the phone made the call. Sometime during the call, the screen went black as normal, and when I finished the call, I pressed the menu button to activate the screen, and all seemed normal. Any ideas as to what is causing the white screen? For my 8900, when this happened, it was related to a bad battery, but that device would never come back to a normal screen. None of the other signs of bad battery have shown themselves.

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    07-23-11 01:02 PM