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    I have the BB Bold for 3 months now. I was just watching a video from YouTube when the screen froze and the slowly faded into a white blank screen. I thought just removing the battery and then putting back in again would solve my problem but no. The LED light in the corner had a steady red light, made me think OK its doing a complete startup. But the screen would not come on or the backlighting of the keys or the trackball. Ive switched to the Pearl that I have already have. Now Im Bold-less. Please help me out.

    At the time I was using the built-in Wi-Fi in the phone to get a faster connection to the Internet. Im with AT&T. The phone was charging while I was charging. If I need to give out more info, please let me know. I dont want to end up paying the $120 or $150 fee for a replacement.

    Thanks in advance!
    07-08-09 06:58 AM
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    Search "how to recover a nuked blackberry" in the forums

    It just needs a reinstallation of the OS.

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    07-08-09 07:32 AM
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    Has the screen come up at all?
    Does the PC recognize the BB when its plugged in?
    07-08-09 10:56 AM
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    ya, i got the same problem. mine got water damage and i dried it for 3 days and it wrked fine. turned it on monday and my screen was all white. actually has a line thru it.
    i got att. i found a few place on line where u can order a new lcd. for it. like 40 bucks or so. im in norfolk, va now and cant seem to find a place here to fix it.
    07-08-09 12:05 PM
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    07-08-09 12:14 PM
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    By the way, you are under warranty 1 year from RIM so you wouldn't have to pay for a replacement.
    Call AT&T and ask for their #.
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    07-08-09 12:16 PM
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    I had this exact same problem when my bold went right out of battery juice while using youtube. I had a white screen for ages (not sure how as the battery was aparently dead) and eventually did a batt pull. I had the same symptoms post pull as you, even with power plugged in.

    I was gonna go back to the retailer when I noticed that at the right angle, there was a very faint battery symbol on the screen (not the usual icon, but one about half the height of the screen) so i left it charging, and two hours later it finally kicked back into life....

    This may not be your problem, but thought I should share as the symptoms are horribly memorable!!

    07-08-09 12:32 PM
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    Thanks to everyone trying to help me out, especially Teek. Im happy that I didnt have to call AT&T for service. All it needed was a reinstallation of the OS.

    07-14-09 09:13 AM