1. dd3's Avatar
    Dont know if this is already public knowledge, but whilst in P4U today asking about 9900 prices to buy etc. (they didnt have any in as yet), the manager checked on their system and I saw they had 2 9900s listed one black and one white!

    so looks like theres a white on the way... wonder what that will look like.
    08-18-11 01:13 PM
  2. totallygone's Avatar
    Ok. now all we need is to see the date. I hope RIM has finally realized that they need to push out the white Blackberry Bold BEFORE the iphone 5 comes out, in order for them to re-attract all the Blackberry Bold users they lost when they changed the form factor of the the 9000 to the 9700 series.
    08-18-11 01:30 PM