08-24-11 09:41 PM
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  1. TheMarco's Avatar
    I've been in 3 Verizon stores and called three others. Nobody here in the Bay Area seems to have the Bold 9930. Anyone know what's up with this? I want one!
    08-22-11 07:25 PM
  2. jabbs1's Avatar
    Sorry about your situation with living under a rock and all. Must be harsh.
    08-22-11 07:27 PM
  3. southlander's Avatar
    I've been in 3 Verizon stores and called three others. Nobody here in the Bay Area seems to have the Bold 9930. Anyone know what's up with this? I want one!
    Called in my order to VZ. Got it in 2 days via Fedex.
    08-22-11 07:28 PM
  4. grover5's Avatar
    I think most people have been ordering them online.
    08-22-11 07:29 PM
  5. zeteo's Avatar
    Overnight delivery.

    Also VZW non corporate stores.
    08-22-11 07:30 PM
  6. chasvs's Avatar
    VZW online. Overnight shipping is free.
    08-22-11 07:30 PM
  7. Turbaru's Avatar
    Ordered online. Got it the next day.
    08-22-11 07:30 PM
  8. TheMarco's Avatar
    Ah ok so it's all online. I thought people were getting them from stores. I was now told they'll have them the 25th in my nearest store so I'll go get one then. Thanks folks!
    08-22-11 07:33 PM
  9. dchandler's Avatar
    I have one im selling
    08-22-11 07:34 PM
  10. RNCCRN9706's Avatar
    I ordered mine online Friday. IF FedEx would've delivered it today I'd have had it today but it's been sitting in the local facility ALL DAY! HATE FED EX!!
    08-22-11 07:37 PM
  11. BB.David's Avatar
    I think most stores aren't selling them - yet. I believe the official release is on the 25th. If you want it now, you must order it online.
    08-22-11 07:40 PM
  12. UrbanGlowCam's Avatar
    This is the kind of demand I like to see with this device. Look at that thread title.
    08-22-11 07:43 PM
  13. thedeadberry's Avatar
    Seems like most secondary Verizon stores got them already.
    08-22-11 08:36 PM
  14. glassofpinot's Avatar
    I stopped by 2 non-corporate mall kiosks Sunday just to hold one - and both pulled it out of the box for me. I was also told they were for sale but could not be on display.
    P.S. The keyboard is much better than any BB I have felt before, for my fingers. (my gold standard keyboard was the Treo)
    08-22-11 08:40 PM
  15. ericlc2's Avatar
    Online overnight delivery

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    08-22-11 08:43 PM
  16. ummie4's Avatar
    Harrisburg PA corporate location!
    08-22-11 08:49 PM
  17. flyersfan76's Avatar
    VZW online. Overnight shipping is free.
    My first 2 were overnight. Monday morning on release day and wednesday was my next 1.

    This morning they said 2 days. I had to do it over the phone and it still isn't listed on my account online. GRRRR
    08-22-11 11:03 PM
  18. tkong's Avatar
    Ordered mine yesterday, should be in my office by lunch today.

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    08-23-11 03:21 AM
  19. SaMaster14's Avatar
    I ordered mine online the morning it was released (like 3am...) Not sure if they are still being sold online though

    I know some VZW stores are getting them in. My local store didn't have it though, (all three reps loved my phone btw haha)
    08-23-11 03:23 AM
  20. jeffcrn's Avatar
    I had a friend buy mine for me, I paid full price and I am using it on AT&T after I unlocked it. Everything works great and I am enjoying it. He bought it for me through telesales, not online.
    08-23-11 09:25 AM
  21. TheMarco's Avatar
    I went ahead and ordered with Verizon online. The wait will be shorter than waiting till the 25th
    08-23-11 09:58 AM
  22. BigD00d's Avatar
    Internet over verizonwireless website
    08-23-11 10:09 AM
  23. HeezyBear's Avatar
    Every Verizon store I went to has them. Keep looking, bro.
    08-23-11 10:15 AM
  24. Raptor007's Avatar
    I know someone who walked into a Verizon store here in upstate NY yesterday and got the 9930. So they are definitely being sold already.
    08-23-11 12:21 PM
  25. ptpete's Avatar
    Verizon on Market St, SF has one demo version. You have to ask the rep to bring it out. Order and it will be yours in a day.

    Nice phone.
    08-23-11 12:32 PM
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