1. middi666's Avatar
    hey guys basically i had to wipe my phone because of some problems but when i start up my phone it says 'media card needs to be repaired, repair now?' i click yes then it says 'do you want to save lost clusters?' i click yes then it restarts my phone? it does this every time and sometimes it stops loading on 70% when its booting up and others it just loads up everytime im really confused on whats wrong with my phone? is it the media card? or my phone? also when i connect my phone to blackberry desktop it just freezes and restarts my phone saying it needs to be repaired and when i try to repair it, it just tries repairing then when it loads up it fails and yeah :/
    04-02-13 01:48 AM
  2. nadim31's Avatar
    Have your removed the media card completely? If so, does it still restart?
    04-02-13 08:22 AM

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