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    Good day Guys,

    I'm writing here because I think you are my last hope.
    I have a BB 9790 with a BIS data plan with an Italian company (wind.it). BIS is active because everything's working (emails, internet, BBM etc.) except for Whatsapp.

    That's my problem: On tuesday I've upgraded the firmware from 7.0 to 7.1, everything was ok and I was pretty happy wiht that. On Friday Whatsapp has started to have problems, It did not send or receive any messages. As a consequence, I did a simple soft reset and Whatsapp asked me to be Upgraded to the latest Version. I did it and afterward It remained stuck on the fourth stage of the initializing process (updating) without connecting.

    I've tried to fix the problem with the following actions:

    -Reboot (hard and Soft);
    -Tried to disinstall and reinstall the APP (almost 100 times)
    -Wipe with BBask and reinstalled the Firmware;
    -Downgrade the firmware to 7.0;
    -Put my SIM card into another BB (and it works) and another SIM into my BB (it does not work);
    -Connect the BB to my home WIFI and Whatsapp WORKS
    -I gave a call to the service provider and they told me that everything is ok for them.

    Now I think I've tried everything I could...
    Please guys, you're the only one that could give me some other tips...

    Thank you so much
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    05-07-13 12:41 PM
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    First Off, Welcome To CrackBerry!
    Please Update Your Profile To Include Device, Carrier, And Location. This Makes It Easier For Others To Help You.

    I know you've tried some of this stuff, but sometimes the order matters...

    1. Do a battery pull. (Forget other reset methods until this is straightened out.)
    2. Delete WhatsApp from Apps list in Options.
    3. If directed to, reboot device. If not, back out and battery pull.
    4. From BB's Browser, go to WhatsApp.com.
    5. Follow links to DL WhatsApp via their site.

    Does it work now?
    Sometimes you end up with the OS7 version on 7.1, and it doesn't quite work perfectly.
    05-07-13 01:17 PM
  3. andala7's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your help.

    I pulled the battery, deleted the app and reboot (the device asked me do so), and reinstalled from WhatsApp :: Home but still does not work. Any other advice? maybe I should wipe again the bb and reinstall the 7.0 FM?

    Thank you very much again...
    05-07-13 02:00 PM
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    Let me think about it and do some searching. I know I've read about this issue before.

    (Or if you turn up any solutions by searching yourself, remember to post the link back here for anyone else who finds your thread.)

    This is how you CB10, son!
    05-07-13 04:18 PM
  5. andala7's Avatar
    For sure... I've been looking for a solution 4 days, searching in every forum in every language...

    Thank you very much again for your help.
    05-07-13 05:22 PM
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    Incredible... I'm now resigned. I've done one thing: reinstall the last version of Whatsapp over the same version (From the website) and it WORKED...but just for one minute.... Now I'm still struggling...
    05-09-13 05:20 PM
  7. andala7's Avatar
    Seems to be ok now.

    After I did again the last action posted (reinstall Whatsapp over the same version), I've also deleted the service book IPPP BIS on Options>Device>Advenced system settings>Service book.

    Didn't reboot yet... I'm too afraid!

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    05-10-13 04:50 AM

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