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    Ok I have a t-mo curve 8900. It's my first blackberry and I do love it. But here is my dilemma. The only reason I bought it is because t-mobile doesn't have have the bold. I hear that some people say it's better than the bold but I have bold envy when I see others or co-workers with bolds next to my 8900 and to honesty it just looks nicer. I've been thinking about selling my 8900 and buying an unlocked bold is that a bad idea? I just can't leave t-mobile the plans are just to good. Or should I just wait for the driftwood. Yea it has 3g but what other upgrades does it have over the bold. Honestly it just looks like the tour to me and not a bold. And I actually like the size of the bold the screen display size is just awesome. Do I have the grass looks greener syndrome? Someone set me straight please.
    08-16-09 12:32 PM
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    I personally would sell the 8900 upon the 9700 being released and upgrade - if I were in your position. That's if your requirements are met with the 9700.

    Edit :
    and PG's review here may help you as well : http://forums.crackberry.com/f146/onyx-field-t-289407/
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    08-16-09 12:49 PM
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    You'll enjoy it. I haven't had my hands on one but from what I've seen, it's the next "Bold" in terms of all the great features.
    08-16-09 01:06 PM