1. cheflionfoot's Avatar
    Both my wife and i have BBs and we sync both of our appointments so we each know what's the other one's schedule. We currently do this by sending each other our appointment info as meeting requests so that it will enter into each other's calendars. However, I have noticed that if I delete the email, the calendar event deletes too. Anyone have any suggestions on how we can both sync our calendars other than using the desktop manager?

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    05-15-10 12:27 AM
  2. dubious1's Avatar
    I use Google sync for my calendar as well as my contacts. On my Mac I use iCal and if I'm at work I use the Google Calendar website. I'm not sure how to have 2 calendars running at the same time, but I'm sure you and your wife could set up the account so both of you have access to the same calendar online, and can edit it at your leisure. Hope that works!
    05-15-10 05:19 AM
  3. cheflionfoot's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll try that
    05-19-10 10:43 AM
  4. Freckbj's Avatar
    Another way to wirelessly sync your calendar, is if u have a pop3/owa/imap email on your BB just invite yourself on the event.
    05-25-10 06:23 PM