1. guinnkevinr's Avatar
    I love blackberries but am taken back with the poor. Quality of the 9780. I'm about to return my second one in one week. The first one shipped to me with a slight scratch in the screen and also had a problem where the cursor moved on its own when using in the dark. Now my second one has a keyboard that seems overly raised off the device and fron the sides looks like its going to pop off along with the dreded double letter peoblem when I type. Constantly doubling up letters making it rougher to type quickly. I'm about to get my 3rd device. Hope this goes better.

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    07-29-11 12:43 AM
  2. chiefbroski's Avatar
    I hope so. Although if you can wait, I'd suggest returning it for good and picking up the new 9930/9900 that will probably be out in a month. But the 9780 is a good device.
    07-29-11 12:53 AM