1. benjaminseides's Avatar
    I've got this little clock in the upper left hand corner of my home screen next to the time and battery meter. then, when i go to the clock program, there's a picture of phone with the little vibrate symbols surrounding it in the lower right hand corner, and if i go to the menu and go to set alarm i can't turn it off or make it go away. it doesnt seem to be related to the regular alarm (which i use all the time.) what is it and how do i make it go away? thx!
    01-31-09 12:10 PM
  2. kav's Avatar
    Check to see if it is an alarm set in the calender app. Or if you can post a screenshot so other members will be able to provide a better response
    01-31-09 12:57 PM
  3. prxraw's Avatar
    that icon is alram on indication

    in clock application to switch of on alarm

    press menu
    select set alarm
    change the time you want
    press space bar for off, on weekdays options
    press trackball to save your selection
    02-02-09 04:05 AM
  4. danielx's Avatar
    sounds like you have an alarm on
    turn the alarm off and it should disappear
    02-02-09 04:45 AM
  5. Neeky's Avatar
    I came on here to find out the same thing.

    Figured it out from one of the posts here.

    The red bb with little vibrate (( )) symbols either side and a time next to it, is to tell you when your next alarm is going off.
    But it refers to both wake up alarms set (eg, 7am weekdays) which is displayed on the left side of the screen and calendar alarms (e.g. dont miss documentary on tv 8pm) which displays on the right hand side.

    BUT it doesn't show alarms related to calendar entries. Weird. In the calendar you can choose "new" to insert an appointment or a recurring activity which also has an noise notification option (represented by the same bell symbol as the alarm entries - just to confuse you). But this isn't displayed with the red symbol thingy as it is more about it being a calendar entry rather than an alarm. It's only if you select "new alarm" in the calendar that the alarm will show up with that red symbol.

    Make sense? This is how I understand it from playing around with it anyway!

    So basically if when the time screen is on and you have a red alarm symbol on the right for eg. 8am, you will have a calendar ALARM entry for the NEXT 8am (not the 8am of the day you're on if you're doing this at lunch time) which would be the next morning to remind you of something and you'll get a notification as per your set up (mine is one ding and vibrate and then it stops and leaves a notification on the screen giving you the option to discard it). If it is on the left hand side, it is a wake up alarm for 8am the next morning and it will follow your wake up alarm set up eg. playing acdc on loud with vibrate and 5 minute snooze options.

    Long winded sorry.
    02-08-09 10:35 PM
  6. GTS75's Avatar
    :O how did you know i had acdc as my alarm!!!!
    02-10-09 09:35 AM
  7. Neeky's Avatar
    I suppose if you have AccaDacca coming out your phone for an alarm, you don't need the vibrate feature.
    02-10-09 05:16 PM
  8. username0022's Avatar
    what is it and how do i make it go away? thx!
    If it's what I think it is... Go to the pharmacy, they should have a topical solution that'll clear it right up. I had the same... Wait, too much information.
    02-10-09 06:11 PM