1. Buddha Guides Me's Avatar
    I was changing my bezel to a all black one. Took phone apart with all appropriate tools. Thought the process went great until I turned on my phone when done to see half my screen didn't work. Was like an ink blot was there. Any advice on what went wrong?
    08-06-09 11:14 AM
  2. mookish's Avatar
    Question: What happened? Answer: You broke your screen!
    08-06-09 11:22 AM
  3. msaririan's Avatar
    That's too bad dude. I feel sorry for you. Maybe you put a little too much pressure here or there while pulling out your mainboard? Did you take off the screen from the motherboard like the CNN video?

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    08-06-09 11:33 AM
  4. CHUI's Avatar
    Stuff like this makes me not want to change my bezel =[

    I ordered a all white full housing and should be coming soon ;3
    08-06-09 06:48 PM
  5. sinfony's Avatar
    You probably broke the screen when you separated it from the housing. if you press to hard you cause a pressure crack, which sucks. sorry to hear it.
    08-06-09 07:01 PM
  6. Johnly's Avatar
    That is a bummer. I have worked on things that I love to only break them to, honestly!
    08-06-09 07:03 PM
  7. papped's Avatar
    if the screen or main board isn't fitting properly in the front of the housing when you snap it back together, all of the pressure pushes on the screen.

    And yeah, it can still fit and close without it being seated quite right.
    08-06-09 07:04 PM
  8. Johnly's Avatar
    I broke a transfer case adapter mount on my most kickin 4 wheel drive! This summer!
    08-06-09 07:05 PM
  9. ausch's Avatar
    Did the same thing, except mine would go out, and colors would bug out. You most likely cracked some part of it when you were pushing on it to get the bezel off. All you have to do is go buy a $40 LCD off eBay.
    08-06-09 07:05 PM
  10. Buddha Guides Me's Avatar
    Thanks all for ur thoughts. I am still tempted to give it another try on my new bold but still contemplating
    08-06-09 07:13 PM