1. LostPuma's Avatar
    I'm looking to use pandora on my car stereo through my bold 9700. I tried using a 3.5mm cord out of my bb and into the aux/ipod input jack and it did not work.

    do i need a special blackberry cord?

    anyone find a cord that works?
    06-02-10 01:14 PM
  2. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    Did you switch the car/radio to "aux"?
    06-02-10 01:17 PM
  3. LostPuma's Avatar
    Did you switch the car/radio to "aux"?
    yup but i wasnt getting any audio, even with it turned all the way up on the bb.
    06-02-10 01:20 PM
  4. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    Hmm... weird.. My brother has a brand new civic that has a ipod/aux port and my phone works fine in his car.

    I use my phone daily in my car, but its a 3.5 to RCA.

    Has that port ever worked for anything else? Can you try an ipod or something?
    06-02-10 01:27 PM
  5. LostPuma's Avatar
    Has that port ever worked for anything else? Can you try an ipod or something?
    yea it works with other stuff. i just didnt know if i needed a specific brand/bb cord.

    i guess i will just have to continue to tinker with it. thanks for the feedback.
    06-02-10 01:29 PM
  6. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    I'm sure you tried this already, but when you're tinkering with it, play music before you plug it in just to hear music actually playing. Then when you plug it in the phone speaker should go silent.

    I would also try getting headphones and seeing if you can hear it then. If you can't then something may be wrong with your headphone jack on the phone.
    06-02-10 01:36 PM
  7. ohgeez's Avatar
    You could also go the blue-tooth route.

    I use the "BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Premium Visor Handsfree" that's sold in the "ShopCrackBerry" section.

    Initially I just wanted it for phone calls but it has an FM transmitter so I decided to stream Slacker or Pandora to my car system. Now's its not spectacular quality but it serves it function. When a call comes through, it stops the music and announces the number that is calling, hit the top part of the bluetooth and answer the call. When they hang up, music resumes.

    Just another alternative.
    06-02-10 01:44 PM