1. princemaamar's Avatar
    i have a problem with my BB 9900
    10-16-13 03:16 PM
  2. moonhacker's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry. Crying over spilled milk won't help. Did you do a battery pull?
    10-16-13 03:29 PM
  3. princemaamar's Avatar
    yes my battery its good
    10-16-13 03:41 PM
  4. bigsee's Avatar
    - At first I charge the battery
    - Second I power the device on
    - Than I write all of the symptoms to my dear forummates to try to solve my problem (w/o I would try to fix it of course...)
    10-18-13 09:25 AM
  5. moonhacker's Avatar
    What happened after you pulled the battery and put back in? Did it power up at all and then shut back down?
    10-18-13 03:37 PM
  6. moonhacker's Avatar
    Try doing a security wipe.
    10-19-13 01:17 PM
  7. princemaamar's Avatar
    heh the same probleme shut down after 2 seconde :/
    10-19-13 03:00 PM
  8. princemaamar's Avatar
    but he shut down after 2 seconde so no way with usb
    10-19-13 03:02 PM
  9. moonhacker's Avatar
    If you have a full charge on your battery and it's still shutting down after a battery pull I recommend sending it back for replacement.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
    10-28-13 11:31 AM

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