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    What is the best way to port information to a new Blackberry?

    I just got my BB Bold 9900 and wanted to know what is the best way to port my information over to the new device from my old BB Bold 9780. Do i do a back up on my PC first and then plug in the new BB Bold 9900 and sync the information to the new device?

    Because i noticed when i do this, the new device's email will not work. Should i setup my email accounts on the new device first and then sync the backed up data to the new phone? I noticed when i port my backed up data to the new device that the email icons are there, but it doesnt allow me to send emails and i cannot recieve emails either, or sometimes the emails will work after 24 hours. Maybe it needs to register on the BB network or T-Mobile network? Can someone tell me what is the best way? And i hate losing BBM contacts and requesting them again.

    Please advise.
    09-02-11 10:54 AM
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    Use the Desktop Manager New Device function.
    09-02-11 11:03 AM
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    Can you elaborate? What do i click on, please specify.
    09-02-11 11:11 AM
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    Can you elaborate? What do i click on, please specify.
    First make sure you have the latest BB Desktop Manager then,

    1. Plug in your current BlackBerry and Open the BB Desktop Manager(DM).

    2. On the top right there is a drop down menu called "Device"

    3. Under Device menu you will see a section called "Switch devices...". Click on it

    4. Follow the instructions and you can choose which sections need to be back-up.

    NOTE 1: I will also run a quick back up before run through the Switch devices just to be safe. To do that, simply hit back up on the main screen of the Desktop Manager and you can back up all your data, apps and settings.

    NOTE 2: I think it is a bad idea to transfer all the app through this. You can redownload all the compatible apps from App World or crackberry app store once you have everything running.

    NOTE 3: I use Google sync or Outlook calender to back up my calender because I had a bad experience with calender back up where DM make double entries of everything. So, I will back up the settings, emails, sms, contacts, if you want to be on the safe side. But if you back up the Calender and had an issue, you can go back to DM and delete the entire Calender and do whatever you like. So, on the first try, I will even back up the calender.

    Hope this help you out.
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    09-02-11 11:16 AM
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    ...I followed the recommendations of others who had done successful switches from a 9780 to 9900 and it worked for me easily and quickly - firstly, I backed up on the 9780 using BB Protect.
    Then, having swapped over my SIM and SD card and before doing anything else on the 9900, I straight away set up my email accounts and App World ID, which worked w/o a hitch. Next I used BB Protect on the 9900 and it backed up all my data.
    Finally I reinstalled / updated my apps thru App World, CrackBerry and, where necessary, OTA via the apps makers' own websites.
    It all worked flawlessly. I wanted to begin the life of my 9900 from 'clean', as it were, and found this to be an ideal way. Hope it helps!
    09-03-11 12:26 AM
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    ****'s way is the best way to do it.This is what I do when I switch device.

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    09-05-11 05:21 AM
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    Will this work if i am swopping from a Storm 2 to a 9900 as well? I am assuming the new BB device will recognise the data on the SD card and use what it can like the pics and music etc...
    09-05-11 06:06 AM
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    I think it will work with all blackberries

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    09-05-11 06:50 AM