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    Hello Crackberry Users,

    my gf dropped her 9700 into a water recipiet for a few seconds(she said like 1 sec), she removed the battery, sim card, and let it dry off for a few hours (3 or 4). she later connected the device, but it did turn on with a JVM error. (water indicator on, batter water indicator off(pure white))

    later at home i reloaded the software and everything was working pretty nicely, but when i disconnected the blackberry from the computer, battery was getting drain too fast, and if i let it run off, when i connected it again and try to turn it on, it returns to a screen that looks like a safe mode operating system, that just has a list of options.

    i bought her another one, but in the meantime i think this one can be saved. i let it dry for a few more days, and yesterday i loaded the software once again, and everything was good, battery did last a bit longer, but the same behavior with the dramatic battery drain, if i connect it to the computer, it does not drain but it does not charge either, later i let it drain until the radio was off. i started to suspect about the battery, and replaced the battery with the one that has the new blackberry, and guess what? full battery, the battery that was reporting that was low, now had full charge in the other blackberry. so, is it a ground problem? short circuit? changeable part? anything that sheds some light?

    your comments, and thanks in advance.

    Wilson Gomez
    Wet BB 9700.
    06-28-10 07:42 AM
  2. c_86's Avatar
    sounds dead to me... sorry

    nothing really you can do...

    tho your first mistake was putting the battery in so soon after getting it wet...

    06-28-10 08:54 AM