1. gedubraks's Avatar
    recently i have noticed my bb having a weird hiccup.... im using os and located in the philippines

    all of a sudden i have not been able to make calls to any landlines.... but i am able to call any cellphone.... i am now getting a "congestion" error everytime i place a call to a landline number.... BUT as soon as i try calling a cellphone.. it goes through no problems...

    ive talked to a CSR from the phone company and they suggested to try placing the sim card into another phone.... so i'll give that a go.... i doubt its the sim card because it has been working this past year no problems....

    anyone else have any suggestions? thanks in advance
    07-17-11 05:00 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    It gave me the "no service" when there was 5 bars when on the lakeshort waterfront bike path when trying to call home a few times. A battery pull worked for me.

    But I never had that issue before. It could be the landline carrier having issues and it being routed to your blackberry as a message. I would try a standard phone to verify it's not the landline's carrier.

    If it's your wireless carrier, they need to resolve things on their end.

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    07-18-11 02:47 AM