1. NicF's Avatar
    Hi all - I hope someone can help me! Earlier this week I had a tiny amount of water get into the back of my Bold 9930. I took out the battery, etc. right away and I've had it drying out for 72 hrs. I tried it today. It booted up and worked perfectly - until I plugged it in. As soon as I plug it in (in both the wall and computer chargers), the screen goes totally black and the red light comes on. I've tried this a few times now where the phone is perfectly normal while not plugged in and the battery is holding a charge, but when it's plugged in it's totally useless. I double checked and it's not on bedside mode (FYI). Has anyone every had this problem?? Thank you!
    05-09-13 07:54 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Firstly welcome to CrackBerry.

    When plugged into the wall, did you leave it connected for a while? Typically when the battery is totally dead, when connected it will be a red battery icon and a line through it.

    Do you have another battery you can test with?
    05-09-13 08:54 PM
  3. NicF's Avatar
    Thanks for replying! I tried leaving it plugged in for about 40 minutes after posting my question - and the battery barely charged. I didn't get that icon but I'm hoping it's just a dead battery. I don't have another one to test with yet but it should arrive in a day or so.
    05-09-13 09:34 PM
  4. SixStringMadness's Avatar
    I have a similar issue. Had my phone in a pouch below my seat on my bicycle while riding in the rain. Have done this before, but apparently this ride was quite a bit more soaking, and I'm guessing my 9930 got damp. My screen is not working. It will come up briefly, and it will work, and quickly black out again. The phone works, I can type in a number and dial, but otherwise, without a working screen, its about useless to me now.

    Its sitting in a bag of rice now, but I fear the damage is done.....
    05-10-13 04:14 PM
  5. NicF's Avatar
    That's pretty much what happened to me. I've had exposure to small amounts of water before so I didn't think anything of this last time, so I was pretty surprised when the phone just kind of freaked out. I had mine in rice for 48 hrs and out on the counter for another 48 hrs as I was waiting for the new battery I bought to arrive. I'm happy to say that it must have been the battery because the phone is fine now. I think the more patient you are to let it dry is the key. Good luck!!
    05-11-13 09:43 AM

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