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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm a "NEWBIE" on here after being given an O2 locked BB Bold (UK). As i've been given it I'm quite keen to try it out but am going to use it on a PAYG basis initially.

    I realise that in using a PAYG sim i'll only have call and text abilities BUT can I still browse the web if I use Opera, and not BIS.

    Is there any other functionality that I won't have at this stage??
    Is GPS still available and usable?
    Also can I still use WiFi (and surf via Opera) whilst at home?

    Apologies again for the questions but this is all reasonably new to me
    06-24-09 04:45 AM
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    You shouldn't have to use Opera, just use the hotspot browser. You can use WiFi without a data plan. If you're at all concerned about accidentally using data services and incurring charges, have your carrier disable them. You can do basically the same thing by disabling the network service and enabling WiFi only when you want to browse, but you'll miss any calls that way.

    Lots of apps only work well with a data plan, so brace yourself for a ton of posts from users here about how "buying a Bold without a data plan is like buying a car without wheels," or some other such nonsense, but the Bold is actually a fantastic PDA even wthout data, and you'll be able to get your head around using the device without a data plan. Beware though: once you've seen the apps that only work over a data plan, you might start saving your pocket change for data service!
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    06-24-09 04:57 AM
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    I agree that the bold is a great pda as it is. I much prefer it compared to the windows mobile OS. I think its a lot more user friendly. Its also a great portable media player.

    But as mentioned in the post earlier.....having a BB without data plan is like having a car without wheels.

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    06-24-09 05:03 AM
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    Is there any other functionality that I won't have at this stage??
    Is GPS still available and usable?
    Also can I still use WiFi (and surf via Opera) whilst at home?
    -Various Apps which require a data tariff/bolt on from O2 including...

    -BlackBerry Maps, You'll still be able to use the device GPS receiver I believe, but loading map imagery requires a data connection to download the images, so you'll have a very crippled version of BlackBerry Maps.

    -You can still use WiFi, and browse with Opera, if not the pre-installed web browser when connected to a WiFi hotspot.
    06-24-09 05:39 AM
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    Thanks for replies so far. Originally I was looking to purchase a full blown PDA but when offered the Bold jumped at the chance!

    Understand about WiFi but if no hotspot available will I need a dataplan to use the browser or can I use Opera? I've read somewhere else that someone uses an "Asda" SIM and use Opera to browse the web ?? Is this right
    06-24-09 05:48 AM
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    I disable my data plan whilst roaming whenever possible and use wifi only. Still able to receive BB push emails if the network allows. Not an issue with browsing, just go to Options - Browser Configuration - switch to Hotspot Browser for the built in BB browser. GPS and Blackberry Maps won't work though, but you may try your luck with Google Maps which I was told works on wifi but couldn't get it to work then. Some apps do work too, especially those which will ask for APN over data or wifi or those capable of using device options to autodetect. Apps like Worldmate seem to work on data plans only, but I could be mistaken and would appreciate comments from anyone who used it over wifi as I couldn't get it to work. Just select in Connections -->. Data service to be Off When Roaming. Note that some apps require this to be ON to even detect wifi (strangely), so just disable your radio signals, turn this to ON, turn on wifi, and switch to OFF When Roaming before enabling radio signals. Good luck!

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    06-24-09 05:49 AM