1. Bbnivende's Avatar

    Book mark to home page.

    Using your trusty little trackpad and press the green button and you will be mapped.

    To me seems a lot quicker than the alternatives.

    There is another icon on the map that gives different views and traffic.
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    02-28-13 03:26 PM
  2. jon4400's Avatar
    Just tried it out, runs well.

    Would be great if they could make an app for us Bold 9900 users as I'm not financially capable of upgrading to BB10 right now, but do rely on mapping and directions for my everyday needs.
    03-04-13 08:32 PM
  3. iamq's Avatar
    One question that someone may be able to check for me as I have no access at the moment - can you 'star' any random given place on a map (and save it) As what google maps *used* to do...
    03-05-13 05:24 AM

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