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    I'm wondering if anyone has some insight here, I'll give a little background.

    I've got a Bold 9700 which has been fine up until the last week and a half and all of a sudden the signal strength has started to drop indoors (usually about -96dbm to no service) and depending on the room I'm in it will randomly decide to grab emails and BBM's every once and awhile. It will also either not take calls, won't dial out or drop them if they come in. Outside I get about -70dbm and everything seems to be normal. This just started to happen maybe 10 days ago and I don't remember doing anything with the phone (ie. dropping/damaging it)

    The phone is about 2 years old and the only other issue I had with it was the white screen of death that kept coming up. (flicking the lock/unlock button would usually bring back the homescreen after a couple clicks) and then I took the device apart twice and just tightened a connection which seemed to correct the screen issue both times.

    I just tried upgrading my OS from the original 5.0 I think that came with it to 6.0 and that hasn't seemed to help at all with the signal problems.

    Could the antenna be bad? Is there something I could check as to why I'd be losing strength inside all of a sudden? My carrier (Bell) seems to be fine in the area and I haven't found anyone else to have issues, so I'm pretty sure my phone has just taken a big dump on itself for some reason.

    What are my options here? I think I have about a year left on the contract with this phone (got it with a 3 year contract to subsidize the phone cost).

    Thanks for the help!
    10-11-11 12:10 PM
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    Hi Mike, very strange? Have you installed any new electronic equipment in your home recently that could be interfering with your phone's reception? If it works OK outside, I can't really understand why any problem with the phone should be causing you a problem indoors. I live in a very poor reception area and certainly suffer from a varying bad signal but it's not a constant problem.
    10-11-11 06:29 PM
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    Likely it has something to do with something you've installed in your home, it could be the new television, wireless cameras, anything that is known to broadcast on the same frequency as your phone. Evaluate by turning it off, then see if signal improves. That can isolate any of those reception issues.

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    10-11-11 07:44 PM
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    I thought of that, but I haven't installed anything recently in my home, so it seemed pretty odd. Could it be possible if a neighbour installed something? Someone mentioned a baby monitor might do it? Although I'm not sure what I do at that point, knock on the door and ask them to shut off their baby monitor?

    This is definitely strange. I'm going to see if I can get another phone to test.
    10-12-11 01:48 PM
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    I figured I'd update this thread. I called Bell and their customer service/tech support said there were no problems in the area and that my SIM card was probably bad, so I should go get a new one. But if it's working outside, it's definitely not the phone.

    So I went to Bell World, guy said my SIM Card looked fine but I said I'd like to try a new one anyway since that's what the tech's suggested. New SIM Card installed, get home and same thing! No service. Call up Bell and the tech guy says it wouldn't be the SIM Card. ???? Thanks for getting me to buy a new one! And he tells me it could be the phone, but there's no way of them knowing and they don't guarantee any service indoors.

    So bottom line is I can't use my phone in my house now and I can buy out my contract he tells me for $380. Gotta love Bell. Apparently my only options is get a new phone which I'm not eligible for yet.
    10-20-11 09:34 PM
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    Hey Mike, this is probably super late, But I have the exact same situation, my white screen of death prompted me to replace the screen with a new one. I put the phone back together and now there no signal hardly at all. I'm going to take it back apart to check the connectors. i believe the signal issue might be from the antennae being off of not fully connected. I'll let you know
    07-31-13 04:49 PM