1. Katokryptonian's Avatar
    Did some extensive searching of my issue already, but wondering if anyone still has further advice, as some posts seem contradictory:
    I purchased a dirt cheap Bold 9700 online, and of course expected some issues to pop up. The phone does seem to work, but the most noticeable issue is that the red notification light remains on, always... as long as the phone has power. Have already done 2 full wipes and OS reloads ( and the light remained on through the whole procedure.

    I found out that this was due to water damage, and yes, both water damage stickers on the phone and battery are red. Before I realized this was the problem, I played with the phone, and everything does seem to work - keyboard, screen, trackpad, etc. even SIM and 3G/data. Sometimes the screen seems to flash slightly brighter, but seems otherwise ok.

    I currently have the phone with battery out in a bag of uncooked rice, as some people have suggested. I have also tried the loong battery pulls.

    I guess I'm wondering if the phone will continue to work, or if I need to worry about it dying soon. Since I purchased this online, I'm not sure what the original owner did after the water damage happened.
    Is the always on red LED a sign of damage that will get worse, or should it continue to work properly, just with the light always on? I had also ran the device through the self test, and it passed everything...
    Is the rice/trying to dry it out more just redundant at this point??

    Sorry for all the questions, just don't want to make it my everyday phone if there's a good chance it will give out soon :P
    Thanks for any advice!
    04-07-13 07:10 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    The rice is pointless at this juncture. That needed to be done immediately after. any damage that was dome is done and no amount of rice at this point will mitigate that.

    The problem with providing a "fix" is there is no details as to what type of water damage there was (quick spill, long total submersion, type of water, etc...) and what if any steps were taken directly after.
    04-10-13 06:21 PM

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