1. jefo13's Avatar
    in two words: THEY SUCK!!!

    i placed and order on the 18th charged he credit card on the 22nd and still hasn't shipped. You can only check status by going to Rogers Live Support which places you on a 1hour waiting queue so they can tell you "it's coming" but or "it has been approved for shipping" but can't explain why it hasn't shipped out.

    The only reason I placed the order online is because i am having my buddy who lives in Canada buy it and ship it for me and when he first went to the store, apparently it cost more than on the website.

    I am not sure what the law in Canada is but in the US merchants don't charge cards until he item ships, how can they do this? I asked if I could cancel and they said it would take a month to process the credit! Needless to say i don't want to burden my friend any more than I already have.

    Anyway so tomorrow I will jump online to that dam site once again to get the latest **** poor update from the worst customer service in the world, are Telus and Bell this bad?

    Moral of the story, spend the extra $$ and buy it at the store.

    Dam you ATT I wouldn't have to go through all this BS if you were taking care of your customers and at least made reference to the possibility of the 9900 any day soon.
    08-29-11 12:48 AM
  2. Masahiro's Avatar
    A month to process the refund? That's absolutely disgraceful.
    08-29-11 12:50 AM
  3. thewird's Avatar
    They don't have it in stock. When I called in a few days ago, the rep said it would be better to upgrade it at the store.

    08-29-11 12:56 AM
  4. DannyJK's Avatar
    Almost everywhere I order from online Canadian retailers its always charged my credit card when it ships! Don't know why Rogers gobbled up your invisible dollars when they damn well knew they were out of stock. That's just... Wow.

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    08-29-11 01:01 AM
  5. jefo13's Avatar
    wow, I knew I could count with the CB comunity to get a real answer! They never told me they were out of stock! this sucks! Any word on when they will get more? UUGGHHH my Fng luck!
    08-29-11 01:14 AM
  6. thewird's Avatar
    They didn't seem like they were getting it any time soon. I would just cancel the order even if it takes a month, at least you get it back right? And then buy it at the store. I don't see why it would cost more at the store? It's $599 isn't it?

    08-29-11 01:18 AM
  7. jefo13's Avatar
    It was $549 online... The annoyance with canceling is that it is on my friends Credit Card because he placed the order for me and he is shipping it to me in the US once he gets it... you know the inconvenience of disputing the charge so he doesn't have to pay it on his next statement plus another charge if he goes to the store... it's just a mess
    08-29-11 01:24 AM
  8. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    it's the same price in the store too. At least that's the price I paid for it. $549 plus tax.
    08-29-11 01:33 AM
  9. yeedub's Avatar
    I called Retentions to get mine, arrived in 3 days
    08-29-11 01:51 AM
  10. srotman's Avatar
    Sorry bud. There's no law in the US that says you can't charge the customer's credit card before shipping the product. I know I've been charged before shipment many times. It's actually up to the credit card company to decide whether or not the merchant has to comply with certain billing practices (see here: Billed for Merchandise You Never Received? Here's What To Do). Also, you bought the phone from a Canadian merchant, so they're definitely not subject to any 'laws' in the US.

    I know none of this helps you in your situation, but I'm just trying to avoid any misconception that Rogers has done anything wrong here. Are they taking longer than you've expected to ship the product? Yes. What can you do about it? 1) Call Rogers and give them ****; or 2) Call your credit card company and dispute the charge, then have your buddy pick the phone up in store and ship it right away rather than waiting for Rogers.

    Good luck!
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    08-29-11 02:39 AM
  11. TheOutlaw2011's Avatar
    They were 549 at Rogers Video Stores when I bought mine. They also had them 3 days before any other Roges Dealers in my province got them.
    08-29-11 02:44 AM
  12. thewird's Avatar
    I called Retentions to get mine, arrived in 3 days
    When was this? I called/bought mine on Monday. Pretty recent.

    08-29-11 02:46 AM
  13. olblueyez's Avatar
    Have your friend cancel the order and as soon as he hangs up have him call his credit card bank and get the charge removed. The bank will remove the charge within a few days. It could even be the next day if he can provide the bank with a cancellation email or a screen capture of the canceled order.

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    08-29-11 02:53 AM