1. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
    It's so nice to be back after my week vacation...

    Anyways I wanted to warn everyone who is using BlackBerry ID and setting up a password via the website to lock their phone remotely...DO NOT DO IT! I tested it out last week to see if it really worked...the first part worked alright...it locked my phone and the only way to unlock it was for me to enter the password I created via my computer onto the phone. Well the phone refused the password even though the password was correct and I ended up having to wipe my phone and set up everything all over again manually...I had not created a backup copy at the time so I was quite ticked!

    I know that the password I created via my computer was correct because not only did I have to enter it twice when setting it up to confirm it was correct but it's the same password I use for EVERYTHING online. There was obviously some glitch with RIM's servers and the information did not transmit correctly.

    So just a warning...I wouldn't use it if I were you. it's not stable.
    09-10-11 08:41 PM
  2. Jordy357's Avatar
    One of the 1st things I tried out when I got the 9900 earlier this week was try all the features that BB protect has to offer. So I tried the remote lock as well & it worked fine for me. Not sure what happened on your part. Just giving my experience with it.
    09-10-11 08:59 PM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Worked fine for me.
    09-10-11 09:19 PM
  4. otacon#AC's Avatar
    ...or just don't use the remote lock until you actually need it.
    09-10-11 10:11 PM
  5. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
    I dunno what happened but I think I'll leave it uninstalled from my phone. I don't trust it.
    09-11-11 07:26 AM
  6. VVoltz's Avatar
    Question to the OP, do you still have BB Protect after the wipe?
    I did a wipe on my 9930 and i cannot install it again.
    09-11-11 07:46 AM
  7. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
    I do not, you have to go into the options on the phone and go into application management and disable the block so you can uninstall it, then you are able to uninstall. If you are trying to reinstall it I believe it's on app world or blackberry id.
    09-11-11 07:50 AM
  8. o4liberty's Avatar
    I can't even log in on mine Verizon said there is a issue and they have blocked the service.

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    09-11-11 09:03 AM
  9. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
    09-11-11 09:05 AM
  10. Kyle.'s Avatar
    Is there any feature available on BB's that will allow me to:

    A. Track where my phone is


    B. Send the phone a sound notification (in case i lose it :P)

    basically like "Find My iPhone"?
    09-11-11 09:44 AM